[Owasp-Malaysia] Top posting vs Bottom posting - which one is OK for you

Mohd Kamal Bin Mustafa kamal at smach.net
Mon Jan 10 02:58:13 EST 2011

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 2:33 PM, najmi.zabidi at gmail.com
<najmi.zabidi at gmail.com>
> Which one you prefer, and should we enforce bottom posting here in OWASP-MY?
> Or reply as you wish.

Personally, I hate top posting but it happened so frequent for the
last 5 years to the point I don't want to bother about it anymore. We
have mailing archive if we need to look for the past messages in the

In an ideal world, I would like to see people properly edited their
message first before hitting reply. By proper editing I mean
selectively quoting relevant part of the message to make better
context of what you're trying to say and then deleting unnecessary
text at the bottom. That would make the message easier to read. The
extra time you spent to edit the message also gave some buffer for you
to rethink back what you want to reply. That, hopefully would add some
more 'value' to the message you're replying.

Also in an ideal world, I try avoid one liner so everytime I click
reply and notice that the sentence is just one line, I'd either try to
think some more of what I'm going to say or I just click the "Cancel"

But I realized that this is the real world so I just try to live with
it and try to teach myself to stop complaining.

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