[Owasp-Malaysia] The list of Red Hat based Linux. Open source rules.

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http://whiteboxlinux.org/download.html Whitebox Linux [Red Hat Based]
http://www2.mandriva.com/pl/ [dahulu based on red hat, sekarang tak tahu la,
masih red hat lagi kot]
http://www.trustix.net/ [based on Red hat]
http://www.asplinux.ru/ [based on Red hat Enterprise Linux]
http://www.esware.com/ [red hat based]
http://www.vinelinux.org/ [red hat Linux based]
http://www.k12ltsp.org/ [Red Hat linux based]
http://linuxinstall.org/ [rhel based]
http://fedora.redhat.com/ [rhel based]
http://www.bu.edu/computing/linux/ [rhel based]
http://linux.web.cern.ch/linux/ [rhel based]
http://www.blagblagblag.org/ [rhel based]
http://www.insignesoftware.com/produtos/gnu.php [rhel based]
http://www.lineox.com/ [rhel based]
http://www.startcom.org/ [rhel based]
http://www.ccur.com/ [rhel based]
http://www.piebox.com/ [rhel based]
http://www.centos.org/ [rhel based]
https://www.scientificlinux.org/ [rhel based]

Didapati dari wikipedia, linux.org dan google etc etc.

*Fariz Luqman*
The Chairman of SimpleLinux
Visit: http://www.simplelinux.tk
Fb: http://facebook.com/simpleLinux

"There IS a Malaysian Linux Distro"

Facebook: facebook.com/farizluqman
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