[Owasp-Malaysia] Survey : Cloud Workshop For OSS Developers

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Sun Feb 13 09:11:09 EST 2011

Survey : Cloud Workshop For OSS Developers

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13 Feb 2011

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Hi All

Ive been in talks with some of the OSDC.my folks about holding this
for a long time now.  Sorry it took so long to kick off. Before I can
actually finalize the contents and format of the workshop, can I get
some help from you to give your feedback in this 5 question long

Before you proceed to the survey, here's a few things you should know:

1) Microsoft plans to hold a cloud 1/2 OR 1 day training SPECIFICALLY
for the OSS community
2) Training will be based on the MS Azure Cloud - but concepts are the
same and we'll keep it as generic as possible
3) This survey is to find out what you expect out of this cloud training.
4) Survey is also to find out profile of attendees for us to prepare
appropriate contents
5) The workshop is FoC
6) This survey will close on Feb 18 2011

Here's the survey link


Akmal Jaafar


Malaysia Open Source Software Conference 2011

MOSC2011 http://fb.me/mosc2011

MOSC Survey 2011 Awareness Of OSS Certification Among ICT Profession in Malaysia

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