[Owasp-Malaysia] Malware Detected!

Mohd Syamsuri msyamsuri at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 02:19:46 EST 2011

Assalamualikum and Good day for my fellow friends.

I need some advise.

Web site Perbadanan kemajuan Iktisad Negeri Kelantan (
http://www.pkink.gov.my) have been blocked by Google for almost 4 days.
It said that we host malware on our server Malware Detected! ( Google said

What i did is..
1. Scan all the data and upload a new data
2. Check the index.html or index.php
3. Scan using web scanner using

but still get block..

Googel said Suspected injected code
<FRAME SRC="http://www2.pkink.gov.my/indexsedc.php" NAME="confcontent"
scrolling=yes >

I have using this code for almost 2 years

What should i do now?

best regard
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