[OWASP-Malaysia] A DNS control management?

simpleLinux 2fzweb at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 08:40:44 EDT 2011

*Pardon me if I posted this at the wrong place and so don't get the topic so
far this time*.

I'm finding a DNS server that can be installed on Windows (I forced to use
windows since Mono is out I used Windows), is there any such thing existed?
Just simple, I can manage the DNS. This is because I want to set up a WiFi
Hotspot (the modem doesn't have compatibility to do that) so I just do
redirect all request to only one host. SO that in the host (the server) I
can do a login page, file sharing etc etc... haha ;p just being curios on
how can I set a DNS server by a software in Windows... anyone? help?

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