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Harisfazillah Jamel linuxmalaysia at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 00:58:44 EDT 2011


Im accessing our Ubuntu Server 10;.04 and get this messages.

Your CPU appears to be lacking expected security protections.
Please check your BIOS settings, or for more information, run:
/usr/bin/check-bios-nx --verbose

Running the command above produce

This CPU is family 6, model 26, and has NX capabilities but is unable to
use these protective features because the BIOS is configured to disable
the capability.  Please enable this in your BIOS.  For more details, see:

What is NX capabilities CPU? Its look like for security protection.

>From the web page above its explain

Most modern CPUs protect against executing non-executable memory
regions (heap, stack, etc) to help block the exploitation of security
vulnerabilities. This feature is called either "eXecute-Disable" (XD)
or "Non-eXecute" (NX) or EDB (Execute Disable Bit), depending on your
BIOS manufacturer.

More information


Thank you...

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