[Owasp-Malaysia] How to test mod_security

Muzamir Mokhtar muzamir at pahang.gov.my
Tue Sep 7 01:08:39 EDT 2010


Thanx in advance for all the advice and suggestion.

David Fetter :
- Thanx david. I agree with your suggestion to sanitize. Actually i do  
always scan for any vulnerable with all the web application (public  
and intranet).
- Yes i do advice strongly to sanitize user input in the programming  
architecture and do not just depend on this.
- However, i do enable this mod_security for 1st level protection on  
the server part before they get into the coding.

Adnan :
- Yes i have try your suggestion with multiple vulnerable request
- Yes koi dah nampak dah error 403 tu dalam audit_log..
- So in future aku kena tune on the score je la kan to make it more  
secure but not 100%. Macam tune score spamassassin je lak, buntang  
mate koi.
- Captcha will be one of the main standard yang aku akan minta team  
development do whenever develop system with user input from public.
- Oran pahang kt mana? koi org temerloh.

Hanif UM :
- Aku kat sini walau F44 pun takde beza. Bukan standard macam di  
federal buat kerja specific. Kat state kena self develop semua skill  
on ICT.
- Lagipun jenis aku suke tahu lebih dulu dari anak buah  
aku...ehehee..kang deme kelentong aku naye woo..

ApOgEE :
- Thanx for the advice will make sanitization on apps as priority and  
not this mod_security..
- Before this i have try to use greensql to protect sql injection on  
certain servers, not remember which version. I have mention them  
before install it to not depend on this totally because other flaws  
like XSS is still vulnerable.
- However the just rely on greensql..then i just uninstall it and tell  
them greensql got error...hahahha..then they start to find coding to  
sanitize it..

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> On Sun, Sep 05, 2010 at 04:00:26PM +0800, ApOgEE wrote:
>> Salam,
>> On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 2:29 PM, Muzamir Mokhtar  
>> <muzamir at pahang.gov.my>wrote:
>> > Salam,
>> >
>> > I have setup mod_security in my httpd.
> If I were you, I would not trust anything with this name.  Security is
> a tricky and complicated issue, and pretty much by definition, it is
> not a software component you can just install.
>> > sanitize your input to prevent SQL injection
> Despite its appearance in an xkcd comic (http://xkcd.com/327/), that's
> a large mistake.  You are going to screw yourself over if you imagine
> that any level of "sanitizing inputs" will actually protect you from
> attackers.  The vast majority of SQL injection attacks come from
> one single serious strategic mistake on the defender's part, namely
> taking untrusted input and creating executable code out of it by
> string concatenation.
> You'd fire any programmer that attempted such a thing with Java,
> Python, PHP, or Perl code, and you should be firing people who attempt
> it with SQL code.
> You're going to have to put in standards and enforce them, slipping
> ship dates as needed, or you might as well just not have standards of
> any kind and hand your site over to whomever wants it.
>> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Guide_to_SQL_Injection
> That guide is at best misleading, and at worst an actual attack.  If I
> were an attacker, I'd *love* for people to imagine that if they just
> picked some magical tool--probably one I had a hand in making--that
> they'd just be safe.
> I'll be editing this for reality as soon as I get permission :)
> Cheers,
> David.
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