[Owasp-Malaysia] Our lovely Malaysian Linux Distribution, simpleLinux has updated to version 3.0. As in 26/10/10.

simpleLinux 2fzweb at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 04:12:28 EDT 2010

Hello everybody,

Glad to announce that we have release the simpleLinux EXT
(Extended)<http://www.simplelinux.tk/>version 3.0 by 26/10/10. It is
now available for download hosted at
by Averse.net (still that UPM - Universiti Putra Malaysia mirror doesn't
RSYNCEd yet, so It might take a while, however). We are proud to make it
keep working and thus, not terminated  -- separuh jalan.

Moreover, we love free softwares; that might be collected into one place;
but, with small size.

(p/s free Malaysian open source software is just like a monster that become
bigger and bigger)

Fariz Luqman
The Chairman of SimpleLinux
Visit: http://www.simplelinux.tk

"There IS a Malaysian Linux Distro"
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