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Subject: [apwg] Announcing the First Annual eCrime Researchers Sync-Up at
University College Dublin on March 15 and 16, 2011.
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The APWG eCrime Researchers Summit's organizing and programming
committees, working with University College Dublin, are pleased to
announce the first annual eCrime Researchers Sync-Up at University
College Dublin on March 15 and 16, 2011.  The conference is a two-day
exchange of presentations and discussions related to eCrime research
that is in progress - and for networking of researchers within the
disciplines that are defining the eCrime research field.

The eCrime Researchers Sync-Up has been established as an extension of
the annual eCrime Researchers Summit held every fall in the United
States.  As an addition to the formal fall conference, presenting
peer-reviewed papers and posters, the eCrime Researchers Sync-Up is an
opportunity for the principal investigators within the discipline - from
academia, industry and government - to discuss their research, find axes
of common interest and establish formal collaborations.

As a venue for young investigators completing their universities studies
and moving into industry, the eCrime Sync-Up and be an important venue
for technology and security companies casting a net for potential hires,
drawing candidates from thought-leaders in the field who present their
research - as APWG member companies have since APWG inaugurated the
eCrime Researchers Summit in 2006.

Moreover, the eCrime Researchers Sync-Up will be a peerless venue for
grant-making agencies with an interest in eCrime research to meet with
principal investigators exploring avenues of research of direct interest
to their grant portfolios.

Sync-Up information resources regarding registration, venue and
accommodations can be found here:

If you've an interest in speaking or proposing a program component,
please contact Sync-Up Program Manager Fergus Toolan (CC'd on this
message).  If you've an interest in sponsoring the event, APWG has
organized a sponsorship memo that is available from myself or DSG Shiver
(CC'd on this message) upon request. Registration will open in January.



Kulliyyah of ICT.
  "International Islamic University Malaysia"
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