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Najmi najmi.zabidi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 01:27:50 EST 2010

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Dulu kata korea jaguh infested pc ni,coz of broadbnd user ratio yg tinggi.kita patut bangga juge sbb ni bukti kempen jalur lebar berjaya.infested lain cerite.kalo kite blh tAHU in detail attack ape port mana menarik gak...

"Mohd Fazli Azran" <mfazliazran at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear members,
>You can read the Infosec Threat
>What i worried is Malaysia are listed as one of the country as
>Farm. Thanks to Najmi for the info.
>*1) Distribution of attacks by country : *Malaysia on 7 place*
>2) **Top 20 countries with servers hosting malicious code : *Malaysia
>on 19
>*So we know now our country was listed on this threat. I just thingking
>others country Europe or America Latin not many in the list.* *We can
>many are from ASIA*. *Specially in Malaysia we have others mechanism or
>way to protect it. What we done so far are not enough to prevent it.
>maybe cause 80% of malaysian now have PC/laptop so the virus/malware
>grow up. And for sure many of Malaysian users use pirate software
>use Microsoft,Game & Antivirus Software that not many people notice
>pirate software already include malware or virus ready.
>We have solution?
>1) Use original software!! Specially (Microsoft, Antivirus & Game)
>2) Use Open Source Software
>3) We need do more awareness & education program in National level.
>That my 0.5 cent thinking. Anyone have better idea or suggestion. Pease
>share it.
>Mohd Fazli Azran
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