[Owasp-Malaysia] News: Infosec Threat

Mohd Fazli Azran mfazliazran at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 01:10:03 EST 2010

Dear members,

You can read the Infosec Threat
What i worried is Malaysia are listed as one of the country as Maliciois
Farm. Thanks to Najmi for the info.

*1) Distribution of attacks by country : *Malaysia on 7 place*

2) **Top 20 countries with servers hosting malicious code : *Malaysia on 19

*So we know now our country was listed on this threat. I just thingking why
others country Europe or America Latin not many in the list.* *We can see
many are from ASIA*. *Specially in Malaysia we have others mechanism or a
way to protect it. What we done so far are not enough to prevent it. Now
maybe cause 80% of malaysian now have PC/laptop so the virus/malware also
grow up. And for sure many of Malaysian users use pirate software especially
use Microsoft,Game & Antivirus Software that not many people notice that
pirate software already include malware or virus ready.

We have solution?

1) Use original software!! Specially (Microsoft, Antivirus & Game)
2) Use Open Source Software
3) We need do more awareness & education program in National level.

That my 0.5 cent thinking. Anyone have better idea or suggestion. Pease
share it.

Mohd Fazli Azran
OWASP Malaysia
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