[Owasp-Malaysia] Companies create alliance to push open source clouds

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One question,

In what sense cloud computing can benefit home users.

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 10:52 AM, Mohd Fazli Azran Abd Malek
<mfazliazran at gmail.com> wrote:
> IELO, Mandriva, and Nexedi this week joined forces and formed the Free Cloud
> Alliance, which will work to push open source products for cloud computing.
> The Free Cloud Alliance was formed to show that companies can build a
> cloud-based infrastructure using open source products, according to
> Jean-Paul Smets, CEO at Nexedi. The members also want to work toward cloud
> services that provide the same operational benefits offered by, for example,
> Amazon, but at the same time give users access to the source code and their
> data in its native form, Smets said.
> "If you have access to the source code and your data in its native form you
> don't run the risk of being locked in to one vendor," said Smets.
> The products offered by the Free Cloud Alliance include the NiftyName
> Virtual Datacenter and Block Storage Server from IELO; Xtreem Storage Server
> from Mandriva; Neo Storage Server and SLAP Cloud Engine from Nexedi; and the
> OEM Platform from TioLive, a Nexedi subsidiary. All the products are "free
> as in beer and free as in freedom," according to the Free Cloud Alliance Web
> site. Users get access to the source code and pay for enterprise support, if
> they need it.
> NiftyName Virtual Datacenter provides a platform for anyone who wants to
> offer infrastructure as a service. Site setup is provided for €4,000
> (US$5,400) and enterprise support costs €500 per node and year. The SLAP
> (Simple Languages for Accounting and Provisioning) Cloud Engine is used to
> automatically share and manage server resources, which can be available on
> either virtual or physical servers. Enterprise support costs from €50 per
> year and server.
> TioLive's OEM Platform can be used by companies that want to create an ERP
> (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer resource management)
> application and offer it as a service. Enterprise support is available at
> €5,000 per seat and year. The Alliance is looking for more open source
> software publishers that want to become members. To join they will need a
> strong belief in software freedom, just like the current members, said
> Smets.
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> Mohd Fazli Azran
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