[Owasp-Malaysia] Companies create alliance to push open source clouds

Mohd Fazli Azran Abd Malek mfazliazran at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 22:52:30 EDT 2010

IELO, Mandriva, and Nexedi this week joined forces and formed the Free Cloud
Alliance, which will work to push open source products for cloud computing.

The Free Cloud Alliance was formed to show that companies can build a
cloud-based infrastructure using open source products, according to
Jean-Paul Smets, CEO at Nexedi. The members also want to work toward cloud
services that provide the same operational benefits offered by, for example,
Amazon, but at the same time give users access to the source code and their
data in its native form, Smets said.

"If you have access to the source code and your data in its native form you
don't run the risk of being locked in to one vendor," said Smets.

The products offered by the Free Cloud Alliance include the NiftyName
Virtual Datacenter and Block Storage Server from IELO; Xtreem Storage Server
from Mandriva; Neo Storage Server and SLAP Cloud Engine from Nexedi; and the
OEM Platform from TioLive, a Nexedi subsidiary. All the products are "free
as in beer and free as in freedom," according to the Free Cloud Alliance Web
site <http://www.freecloudalliance.org/>. Users get access to the source
code and pay for enterprise support, if they need it.

NiftyName Virtual Datacenter provides a platform for anyone who wants to
offer infrastructure as a service. Site setup is provided for €4,000
(US$5,400) and enterprise support costs €500 per node and year. The SLAP
(Simple Languages for Accounting and Provisioning) Cloud Engine is used to
automatically share and manage server resources, which can be available on
either virtual or physical servers. Enterprise support costs from €50 per
year and server.

TioLive's OEM Platform can be used by companies that want to create an ERP
(enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer resource management)
application and offer it as a service. Enterprise support is available at
€5,000 per seat and year. The Alliance is looking for more open source
software publishers that want to become members. To join they will need a
strong belief in software freedom, just like the current members, said

Mohd Fazli Azran
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