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Mohd Fazli Azran Abd Malek mfazliazran at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 01:05:17 EDT 2010

Dear all,

Followed by Alexa "The Web Information Company", Most popular company that
do survey for Website around the world. They come out statistic to all
country. For Malaysia itself i will write top10 only  and the rest you can
open in the link below.

Top10 Malaysia Favourite site:

1) www.facebook.com
2) www.google.com.my
3) www.yahoo.com
4) www.google.com
5) www.youtube.com
6) www.blogger.com
7) www.live.com
8) www.wikipedia.org
9) www.msn.com
10) www.maybank2u.com.my

Above was most frequent visited by Malaysia people. So we know now social
engineering (Facebook) become more popular then others. Google & Yahoo was
most popular email and Google have 2 rank (google.com & google.com.my) most
popular search engine. Yahoo have reputation on the Yahoo Messenger are the
competitor with MSN. Youtube  dominate on video streaming also product of
Google. Malaysia people love to have their own blog so it was so popular
among Malaysian people and Blogger  again product from Google.

Microsoft want to dominate on their product so live.com a.k.a bing was most
popular around Malaysian people and also search engine provider. The biggest
On-line library Wikipedia are Malaysia favorite  reference web. MSN most
popular product by Microsoft also Malaysian favorite Messenger. At least or
at last Malaysia very trusted Web was Malaysian Product Maybank are
nominated by Malaysia people most popular banking in Malaysia. I would like
discuss more on top20 onward but you can give your own perception and
comment because some of the web on top and hot list will became debated
maybe some one have interest on Malaysian behavior and attitude on this Web
like www.xnxx.com, www.tube8.com, www.megaporn.com,
gutteruncensorednewss.blogspot.com, xvideo.com and livejasmin.com are on
top100 and of course one of the very popular Sport toto on the list top100.
So what your opinion on this statistic are you accept the fact that this was
most popular web visited by Malaysian?


Mohd Fazli Azran
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