[Owasp-Malaysia] Easy DNSSEC Deployment with OPENDNSSEC During MSC MOSC2010

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Mon Jun 7 03:47:31 EDT 2010

Easy DNSSEC Deployment with OPENDNSSEC During MSC MOSC2010

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


Domain Name System (DNS) is very important in the Internet Protocol
(IP) network. One of the DNS features is to resolve domain name to IP
address. Thus, the existence of DNS assists on the development of
Internet capabilities. In early development of DNS, its design was not
well secured, hence DNS is exposed to the DNS threats such as cache
poisoning, man in the middle attack and fast flux.

In order to mitigate the problems on DNS threats, hence DNSSEC is
created. It is a set of extensions to DNS, which provide origin
authentication of DNS data, data integrity, and authenticated denial
of existence. Since DNSSEC involve public key cryptography, the zone
administrator need extra effort to deploy it. OpenDNSSEC was created
as an open-source turn-key solution for DNSSEC. It secures zone data
just before it is published in an authoritative name server.

By Amir Haris Ahmad

Date : 29 June 2010 (Day 1)
Time : 9:15am till 10:00am (Developer track)

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