[Owasp-Malaysia] [SPAM] RE: [SPAM] Fwd: NOTICE: Account is Restricted

Azharuddin Ahmad Jais azhar at arsa.com.my
Thu Jun 3 00:28:44 EDT 2010

All the public have to remember that Maybank will not send any email of this
nature. Heck, MBB won't send email regarding requesting customers to provide
personal banking ID or PIN or credit card information or to send emails with
links to log in into accounts. Period.

That and MBB's website is always (as far as I am aware) is always
www.maybank2u.com.my - "http" where the page is a public page or "https"
under SSL/TLS for sensitive communications.

As long as the public keeps those things in mind, they're safe. If people
still continue to fall for these obvious scams, more education is needed for
the public.

Azharuddin Ahmad Jais

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Yesterday 4 phishing email.  Today another 3 phishing email. Is this
due to "baru gaji" ?

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From: Maybank2u.com <update at mbbnotice1.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 4:54 AM
Subject: NOTICE: Account is Restricted

Dear Valued Customer.

Your account was placed on restricted status for security reasons.
Restricted accounts are limited in their ability to perform
transactions. Immediately lift account restrictions below. Restricted
accounts will be terminated till further notice if not activated


Thank you,

Maybank Berhad

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