[Owasp-Malaysia] [Owasp-malaysia] Draf Asal Spoof @ Melaka 2006

Mohd Syamsuri msyamsuri at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 02:55:28 EST 2010


If we want educated people we must get their attention first ....

this will open their eye's or wake up call for somebody .....

I hope with this will be first step to and best practice to educated people
about security...

My sugeestion is to build some open source event and conference about (this
my opinion, maybe can be different)

"Network, System And Security - What Open Source can do?"

The hacking competition is to get their attentions.... (Incubator teams,
Kelantan Gov, PKINK and others)

for me to make it happen on Kelantan, is a hard job to do.
than i need supporter  to make it happen...

thanks to all

Mynux Solutions
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