[Owasp-Malaysia] Ever wonder whos pays?

AHMAD SUHAIMI OMAR suhaimi at dvs.gov.my
Tue Dec 21 21:44:16 EST 2010

Dearest all

I've been enjoying the mails, albeit I know nuts abt programming in open source 

It's also nice to know that this is an alternative for easier communications among colleagues to the extend that some become very "friendly".

Nice to have long signature, so that not many can imitate, but digital signature with "copy and paste" makes it redundant

Imagine your Blackberry alerted you abt the mail and you opened it. When you come back from overseas CELCOM send you ana SMS saying that you will be charged by KB used at the rate applicable in the country. With the lenghty and friendly mails for you.

These are my suggestions, written in the terms used by "amsatul Qur'an" for consideration.

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