[Owasp-malaysia] OWASP First Chapter Meeting - 4th November 2007 10:00 am @ KLCC 2nd Floor Food

Muhd Dawud dawuds at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 21:40:06 EDT 2007

Hi Sia,

Thanks for the taking the initiative and compiling the list. I'm also ok on
friday, sat or sun.. so seems that currently most responses are on Sat.
Let's give it a few more days and we can consolidate on mon or tue next

There's a standard template on the chapter meeting, forms, agenda etc. that
I need to bring to the meeting so don't worry about the materials. Don't
worry i don't need to be the president :D... I just took the initiative to
organise it before.

Also please find the following link:
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Malaysia of which i will update once we
finalise the meeting.

Additionally, please register an OWASP account as it would allow you to
write on our Malaysian chapter page and you could register so that any
changes to the chapter page will be updated accordingly.


On 10/25/07, sia sy <dump2sia at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi Guys,
> It is quite encouraging to observe that there are not less than 6 members
> showing strong interest in the coming meeting. As for the date, I'm strongly
> suggest we stick to the initial proposed date and venue by Muhd Dawud. It is
> a normal phenomenon in our industry which require long working hours and not
> to forget members from PJ, Cyberjaya or even outstation.
> Ray's voting list
> Muhd Dawud..............Sunday????
> David Rajoo................weekday????
> Sai Seng Wong............weekday/Saturday????
> Wong Horng Yuen.......Saturday or Sunday
> Ray/Native19 ..............Saturday, 7-8, KLCC
> Michael Soon...............Saturday????
> Sia................................ Saturday or Sunday
> Meantime we can suggest appropriate agenda for the 1st round of meeting to
> Dawud. A part from membership, activities and strategies moving forward
> 1. Get to know each other
> 2. Select chapter president. Dawud?
> 3. Select committee members
> 4. Objective, mission, vision, etc. for our Chapter
> 5. Setting up local Chapter website
> 6. Knowledge sharing session
> 7. Job opportunity
> I would like to encourage everybody in our member-list to actively take
> part in this event and show support to Malaysia chapter. In return, you are
> helping yourself in building a new career profile that makes you more
> competitive in the job market.
> Rgds,
> Sia
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> Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:28:31 +0800
> From: dawuds at gmail.com
> To: owasp-malaysia at lists.owasp.org
> Subject: [Owasp-malaysia] OWASP First Chapter Meeting - 4th November 2007
> 10:00 am @ KLCC 2nd Floor Food Court-
> Hi All,
> Would like to organise the first chapter meeting as per the subject above:
> Date: 4/10/2007
> Time: 10:00 am
> Venue: KLCC 2nd Floor Food Court
> Agenda:
> Initial meeting and discussion on membership, activities and strategies
> moving forward. Would appreciate your support.
> Regards,
> ..dawud
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