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Hi Matt,

This looks very impressive.. well done!

Is the tool Lunker going to be included here? 

Apparently there is a bit of fuzz with this tool lately and haven't found 
it on the list:



Fabio Cerullo
Information Security 
Bankcentre D1, 
Dublin 4,

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TOOLS! Oh, my!

Phew!  I've just got done wrangling a rather long list of potential 
tools for the OWASP Live CD.  It took far longer than I ever expected 
but I think I ended up with a rather respectable list.  Its amazing what 
a case of Monster energy drinks will do for you.  All in all I've got 
331 tools.  For the eager, the jumping in point is here:


For the more patient, here's what I did:

(1) Looked through the current OWASP Testing Guide and pulled out all 
the tools mentioned in it. [70 tools]

(2) Looked at the tools I know, like, have heard about or otherwise was 
aware of. [51 tools]

(3) Pulled tools from the OWASP Phoenix tool list. [210 tools]

For each tool, I've listed:
  * Name
  * A link to the website for the tool
  * License for the tool
  * Install from (source vs binary)
  * Is it an OWASP tool?
  * Page reference(s) in the OWASP Testing Guide (only for #1 above)
  * Notes

I broke those out into three separate wiki pages as one list would have 
been far too long.  I'll go through the list and try and generate a 
short list of essentials for inclusion with the SoC release of the Live 
CD.  That will have to wait for tomorrow as I'm going cross-eyed 
tonight. Enjoy the MoWTL(c)

-- Matt Tesauro
    OWASP Live CD 2008 Project Lead

MoWTL = Mother of Web Tool Lists
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