[Owasp-leaders] don't allow explicit discrimination 🙏🏿 (women only)

Paweł Krawczyk pawel.krawczyk at hush.com
Mon Mar 18 14:13:32 UTC 2019

On 18/03/2019 11:00, Timur 'x' Khrotko [owasp] wrote:
> Paweł, thanks for the notes! 
> I disagree at one particular point:
> You wouldn't announce a 'Poles only' workshop at Confidence, however
> announcing one workshop in Polish at an international conference would
> be totally appropriate.
> Also let me quite (with permission) one of our Polish friends
> commenting on this thread:
> >>>
> There seems to be a rather simple solution to this particular issue. 
> Instead of labeling it as 'women only', it could maybe be stated that the 
> target audience is women (junior/inexperienced) but anyone could come.
A very valid point, TImur -- just to clarify, I meant a women-only
events organized independently. In case of a conference the segregation
*does* matter and any "-only" label does sound excluding, while "made by
women for women, anyone welcome" (for example) does not bear this
restrictive label and yet clearly indicates the intended audience.

The actual problem as indicated by Prashant and Vandana is true in some
cultures -- it is the "ridiculing behaviour" during workshops and I
agree this is very disturbing for less experienced or confident
attendees, even when there's even a single anti-social and vocal person
in the whole group. I understand the intuitive reaction to this by non
allowing attendees who are perhaps more prone to such behaviours  but
this is neither a mature nor effective way of dealing with this.

Reaction to anti-social behaviours should be simply removal of such
persons from the meeting based on their behaviour rather than building
an a priori assumption that *all* male attendees will be by definition
behaving in a hostile manner (and then not really enforcing this a
priori restriction, if I understand the "we won't kick anyone"
statement) which only reinforces the gender gap rather than close it.

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