[Owasp-leaders] don't allow explicit discrimination 🙏🏿 (women only)

Timur 'x' Khrotko [owasp] timur at owasp.org
Fri Mar 15 01:31:23 UTC 2019

Dear Board, dear Josh,

please modify the conditions of the Burp/ZAP training announced at Appsec
Global in Tel Aviv. The "women only" condition is gender discriminatory,
that is just plainly discriminatory and as such contradicts the faith and
probably the policies of OWASP. Also it contradicted the training review
policy which promised to make choices solely on professional grounds.

Dear all,

I understand the idea behind it and I support the WIA initiative but there
must be common sense limits. You shouldn't encourage black only tailor
shops in your holy fight with racially discriminatory tailor shops.

There're options to keep the idea, maybe make the training free for WIA
members -- that would be against my taste still but maybe something
tolerable. Or let WIA invent a clever and tasteful solution for the
conditions of a free training to engage female devs in secdev.

As far as I know this isn't an issue with the Tel Aviv organisers as this
training was nested from above. And also this women only thing already
happened at one of the previous conferences, in the US probably.

Consider that when one inserts trainings for political reasons then similar
trainings which could compete on professional grounds get automatically
excluded. So by promoting causes which are not exactly the core causes
OWASP exists for one harms the professional impartiality/etc.

Satirical sidenote: I'm not afraid of being tagged as trumpist since I'm
already a Russian troll 😀 And during the Samantha-gate I already accepted
highbrow American comments that we don't know modern social/moral norms at
this side of the world.

Or would it be a good move next time to announce a 'Muslims only', 'Jews
only', 'childfree only' or a 'gay only' training next time? (I subscribe to
support all these causes and peoples sometimes discriminated -- even in my
OWASP hat but not in a discriminatory way.)

Your thoughts?

Current reference: https://telaviv.appsecglobal.org/registration/

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