[Owasp-leaders] “it’s easy, just don’t be a jerk” overlooks the tension between politeness & open skepticism

Bil Corry bil.corry at owasp.org
Wed Sep 26 06:51:39 UTC 2018

I saw this tweet thread and it reminded me of recent OWASP posts:


The net takeaway is that different people have different opinions on what
constitutes criticism and what constitutes incivility, and that the line
between them isn't clear and is highly dependent on the reader.

Note that the above tweet thread was among psychology researchers, and if
they can't come to an understanding between incivility and criticism, that
doesn't bode well for the rest of us.

My suggestion for our community conversations would be to look past the
"tone" and read what the author meant and respond to that.  It's easy to
get caught up in inflammatory rhetoric, and doesn't move the conversation
along.  And while most emails are in English, the community is global and
English isn't the primary language for many of our members.

If you feel a conversation is particularly heated, pick up the phone and
chat.  This is a small community, many issues can be resolved with a phone
call and serves the community better than angry emails delivered via our
public email lists.

The tl;dr of it is this is a community of passionate volunteers who all
want to see the Foundation succeed in its mission, keep that in mind as you
read and respond to community emails.

- Bil
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