[Owasp-leaders] Slack signup link broken/moved?

Matt Tesauro matt.tesauro at owasp.org
Tue Sep 25 03:06:35 UTC 2018

Travis & Jason,

The OWASP Slack instance was setup a while ago (2016-ish) by a very nice
bloke from Australian named Serge.  It was an experiment that has worked
rather well.  However, as it was initially setup by the community, staff
doesn't have access to do "all the things" (aka account owner though Harold
and I do have Admin access) and staff never had access to the Heroku
instance that was used for signup.  No idea what happened to the signup app
- I'd guess Serge set that up originally but I'm not 100% sure to be

Karen and I recently talked with Serge and we're in the process of
transitioning OWASP Slack from a community run resource to something run by
the Foundation.  Right now I can share an invite link that Serge generated
as the account owner that's good for ~2,000 invites.

Sign up to OWASP's Slack

Props to Serge for setting it up initially and letting the experiment run
with him as the account owner as long as he did.  *Achievement unlocked!*

Once we get it transitioned, I'd like to setup SSO with Google Auth so our @
owasp.org addresses 'just work'.  Depending on how that goes, we can look
at setting up a new signup process/app/something if and/or as needed.


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On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 9:37 PM Travis McPeak <travis.mcpeak at gmail.com>

> Oof, I assume this is somebody being cute, but it's a real problem that we
> don't have a way to sign up.
> -Travis
> On Mon, Sep 24, 2018, 9:47 PM Jason Sewell <jason.sewell at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Aloha,
>> I'm not sure if this is the right email (or channel) but I noticed that
>> the following URL that was previously used for people to sign up for the
>> OWASP Slack channel is now hosting a version of Juice Shop.
>> http://owasp.herokuapp.com/
>> Not sure if that was intentional, but if so, where would we direct new
>> members to sign up for Slack access now?
>> Apologize for the leader thread spam if this isn't the proper way to
>> report but wanted to bring it to anyone's attention that is recruiting new
>> members.
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