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Ofer Maor ofer.maor at owasp.org
Wed Sep 12 18:30:25 UTC 2018

Hey All,

Jumping in a little late into this discussion (but having read through most
of it....) - a few of my thoughts:

Yes, OWASP was easier to manage in the "good old days" when we were
smaller, more idealistic, and less commercial. But that type of
reminiscence will not get us anywhere today. OWASP Has grown, considerably,
and as any other organization, as it grows, and more money gets involved,
there are more and more pressures on it, and this means we need the right
structure to support that, finding the way to keep the community spirit and
vendor neutrality, while managing pressures - both financially and
"politically". I am all in favor for Josh's call for Committee. I know the
previous committees have "derailed" into insufficient progress, but I think
they had their good times too, and I think there's room to bring them back
to life.

Moreover, pulling from some of the discussion we had on the slack channel,
I think as the organization grows, and as the "value" of being a "Chapter
Leader" is growing (people want that on their resume now....), we need to
find a better way to vet new chapters. One of my suggestions (which of
course needs more hashing out from its initial thought) is to create a
tiered, merit based approach, where people will have some framework to
create a "chapter candidate" - which requires them to put in effort and
deliver results (i.e. create meetings with enough attendance etc), but
without giving them too much credit upfront, and without invoking the
"heavy" operational side. These chapter-candidates will not have a budget,
they can not have members allocate it to them, nor will they get any
financial support. They will only get some basic rights to use the name and
logo of OWASP for the meetup. Once they have passed through certain barrier
requirements (to be defined by the chapters committee and approved by the
board if needed), they will be able to become a chapter.

This will provide individuals, from one hand, an easier way to start-up a
local OWASP activity without going through the entire process, but will
also limit the load on the foundation staff, and also make it harder for
people to abuse the system for their personal gain (free conference
admission, bogus titles, etc.).

Bottom line - I'm all for it.


On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 12:28 AM, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:

> Dear OWASP Leaders,
> As per the OWASP Committees 2.0 Operational Model
> <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Governance/OWASP_Committees>, approved
> by a vote of the OWASP Board of Directors on July 16, 2014, I would like to
> formally propose the creation of a new "OWASP Global Chapters Committee".
> My rationale for the creation of this new committee is that our community
> has made a number of observations about inadequacies in the ways our
> Chapters interact with the OWASP Foundation, it's Staff, and the Board.
> This committee would serve as a new form of governance within the OWASP
> Foundation, cutting red tape and empowering our chapter leaders to better
> serve the mission of OWASP while still adhering to the OWASP Core Values of
> openness, innovation, being a global community, and integrity.  We will
> focus on strengthening the OWASP Chapters through education, networking,
> and driving value to our members.
> Topics that are within scope for the OWASP Global Chapters Committee
> include, but are not limited to:
>    - *Leadership Requirements: *The committee will be responsible for
>    defining requirements for new chapter leaders and create a community
>    vetting process.
>    - *Activity Requirements: *The committee will be responsible for
>    defining the minimum activity requirements for chapters and will
>    periodically review chapters for meeting those minimum requirements.
>    - *Mentorship: *Programs will be created to pair new chapter leaders
>    together with more experienced ones.  Budgets will be established in order
>    to facilitate mentees attendance of mentor chapter meetings.
>    - *Projects Partnership Tours: *To emphasize the importance of
>    projects, a budget will be established for projects to hold regional tours
>    of chapters where they will speak and show off their projects.
>    - *Budgets: *The committee will be a resource for OWASP policies and
>    procedures when it comes to the budget process and ensuring that it is
>    being followed.  The committee will help identify opportunities for chapter
>    leaders to spend their money.
>    - *Policy: *The committee will review and revise the Chapter Leader
>    Handbook on a periodic basis.  They will assess gaps in existing policies
>    and help to create new policies or redefine existing policies to address
>    gaps.
>    - *Guidance: *The committee will serve to help guide other leaders
>    with any questions that they have.  They will assist with finding
>    speakers.  They will help to recommend topics for presentations.
>    - *Feedback: *The committee will survey chapter leadership on
>    pertinent topics and be a listening outlet for chapter needs.
>    - *Conflict Resolution: *The committee will serve as a tribunal for
>    conflicts among and between chapters.
>    - *Local and Regional Events: *The committee will help to guide
>    chapter leaders on how to start and run local and regional events.  A
>    "startup" budget will be formed from existing event revenues in order to
>    seed investment in more events, helping additional chapters to be able to
>    raise enough money to cover their expenses and innovate.
>    - *Board Guidance: *The committee will work with the Board on any
>    initiatives they have as they relate to chapter policies, governance,
>    budgets, or otherwise.
> This scoping was developed by myself and Tiffany Long in an effort to
> cover many of the issues our chapters face on a routine basis.  It is not a
> comprehensive list and I'd certainly welcome suggestions from others in our
> community.  Moreso, it is my hope that others will be interested in
> participating in and contributing to this committee.
> Per the Committee Creation section of the Committees 2.0 Operational
> Model, this is now up for a community discussion with a Board vote to
> follow.  I hereby formally request that this be added as a topic for vote
> at the September 19th OWASP Board meeting.  Thank you.
> Sincerely,
> Josh Sokol
> OWASP Board Member 2014-2017
> OWASP Austin Chapter Leader
> OWASP LASCON Conference Co-Founder
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