[Owasp-leaders] [OWASP-chapters] Proposal for OWASP Global Chapters Committee

Carlos Allendes carlos.allendes at owasp.org
Wed Sep 5 00:04:22 UTC 2018

Dear Eoin,

The way of doing things that you describe as the good old days ("group of
silent+happy workers, and led by a few") we experienced in Chile for 17
years without democracy and although the country grew economically, people
pay an impossible price. In the words of W.Churchill "Democracy is the
worst system of government designed by man, with the exception of all

IMHO Josh's proposal, should be implemented thinking out of the box and
different from the administration scheme that has already completed its
cycle .. it was good before, but now we need to streamline and modify the
way we do things.

Example1: The mailing lists are obsolete and not very agile, we should
complement them or change them to something like Telegram and interact
among all the incumbents in a much more fluid way (we did it in latam and
we went from 15 to 52 people/leaders actively involved in the topics of

Example2: Change the centralized authorizations that create bottlenecks, by
means of checks distributed in substructures at the regional level to
segment the level of control / decision,  and then  these substructures
deliver purified information to the board + staff where the final option is

Example3. Proposals and initiatives should be considered and decided at the
regional level where the reality of the people who are asking for changes
or creation of a chapter or modifications is better understood (the things
needed in Singapore should be very different from what they do in Egypt).
therefore a couple of persons can not understand all that variability and
pretend to be effective (much less be efficient).

Example4: How to check the checkers (who is the guardian of the police?) A
suitable scheme is peer-review between the equivalent levels of different
substructures, this has the absolute advantage of creating cohesive,
cooperative and empowered pan-regional teams,  and even more they will
create and improve their own methods of cross-evaluation.

That'all  for now, but I think this is an incredible opportunity I hope you
do not just see it as a problem.

Best Regards!

Carlos Allendes Droguett
OWASP Chile, chapter leader.
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2018-09-03 17:55 GMT-03: 00 Eoin Keary < eoin.keary at owasp.org > :

> Para ser sincero, OWASP estaba en su mejor momento cuando había muy pocas
> estructuras. La gente solo hacía proyectos, se reunía de vez en cuando y
> se centraba en la seguridad del software.
> En aquel entonces, ni siquiera se elegía democráticamente a la junta, a
> nadie le importaba, Focus siempre se enfocaba en ofrecer cosas geniales y
> ver cuántas personas lo usarían.
> Intentando hacer una pequeña mella en el universo.
> .... ¡Ah, los buenos viejos tiempos!
> @eoinkeary
> OWASP desde 2004 !!
> El 3 de septiembre de 2018, a las 17:19, Travis McPeak <
> travis.mcpeak at gmail.com > escribió:
> Hola a todos,
> En primer lugar, me gustaría reconocer el considerable pensamiento y amor
> que se incluyó en esta propuesta. Creo que muchas de estas cosas, de
> hecho, se han roto con OWASP. Dicho esto, no apoyo esta propuesta porque
> creo que nos mueve aún más en la dirección equivocada. Cuantos más
> consejos, comités, burocracia y otros trámites burocráticos construyamos,
> menos tiempo tenemos para dedicarnos a la misión de OWASP: unir a la
> comunidad de seguridad.
> I'm fortunate enough to have several co-leaders in the Bay Area, but I
> wouldn't put any of them on this. Why? After a few meetings of arguing,
> reviewing proposals for new chapters, ticking boxes, etc. those chapter
> leaders are going to realize that this seems more like work than supporting
> the security community and if they're going to spend more time working they
> can go consult and earn money.
> My desire is to keep all of this administrative work as small as possible.
> What's left should be handled by paid members of the OWASP Foundation and
> decided by the OWASP board. As a Chapter Leader, I just want this to work
> with minimal involvement from me.
> Thanks,
>  -Travis (Bay Area)
> On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 3:35 AM Vlad Styran <vlad.styran at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Early this year we have experienced a change in how different the
>> treatment of the Chapter needs could be, and the point of this change was
>> ideed the day Tiffany left her position as Community Manager. I had no idea
>> what amount of work and beurocratic burden has been hidden from us until
>> then.
>> We had a really awkward situation with a meeting funding after that, and
>> I sincerely appreciate the help of NL Chapter and Martin himself, as well
>> as Karen facilitating the resolution of the issue. However, I believe OWASP
>> could operate in a way that prevents such situations from happening and
>> that this kind of escalations is demorsalizing to the Chapter leaders and
>> must be avoided.
>> That said, I can see both ways in the argument and as much as I would
>> like to prevent it from heating up, I would be happy for the situation to
>> improve. I believe the initiative of re-booting the Global Chapters
>> Committee is a chance to achieve both objectives. I have a list of
>> suggestions for the committee once it’s up and operating, and I and my
>> co-leaders are ready to put effort into this initiative.
>> Hope my non-native English doesn’t leave much for interpretation between
>> the lines.
>> Sincerely,
>> Vlad Styran
>> OWASP Kyiv Chapter Leader
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>> On Sep 2, 2018, at 00:28, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Dear OWASP Leaders,
>> As per the OWASP Committees 2.0 Operational Model
>> <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Governance/OWASP_Committees>, approved
>> by a vote of the OWASP Board of Directors on July 16, 2014, I would like to
>> formally propose the creation of a new "OWASP Global Chapters Committee".
>> My rationale for the creation of this new committee is that our community
>> has made a number of observations about inadequacies in the ways our
>> Chapters interact with the OWASP Foundation, it's Staff, and the Board.
>> This committee would serve as a new form of governance within the OWASP
>> Foundation, cutting red tape and empowering our chapter leaders to better
>> serve the mission of OWASP while still adhering to the OWASP Core Values of
>> openness, innovation, being a global community, and integrity.  We will
>> focus on strengthening the OWASP Chapters through education, networking,
>> and driving value to our members.
>> Topics that are within scope for the OWASP Global Chapters Committee
>> include, but are not limited to:
>>    - *Leadership Requirements: *The committee will be responsible for
>>    defining requirements for new chapter leaders and create a community
>>    vetting process.
>>    - *Activity Requirements: *The committee will be responsible for
>>    defining the minimum activity requirements for chapters and will
>>    periodically review chapters for meeting those minimum requirements.
>>    - *Mentorship: *Programs will be created to pair new chapter leaders
>>    together with more experienced ones.  Budgets will be established in order
>>    to facilitate mentees attendance of mentor chapter meetings.
>>    - *Projects Partnership Tours: *To emphasize the importance of
>>    projects, a budget will be established for projects to hold regional tours
>>    of chapters where they will speak and show off their projects.
>>    - *Budgets: *The committee will be a resource for OWASP policies and
>>    procedures when it comes to the budget process and ensuring that it is
>>    being followed.  The committee will help identify opportunities for chapter
>>    leaders to spend their money.
>>    - *Policy: *The committee will review and revise the Chapter Leader
>>    Handbook on a periodic basis.  They will assess gaps in existing policies
>>    and help to create new policies or redefine existing policies to address
>>    gaps.
>>    - *Guidance: *The committee will serve to help guide other leaders
>>    with any questions that they have.  They will assist with finding
>>    speakers.  They will help to recommend topics for presentations.
>>    - *Feedback: *The committee will survey chapter leadership on
>>    pertinent topics and be a listening outlet for chapter needs.
>>    - *Conflict Resolution: *The committee will serve as a tribunal for
>>    conflicts among and between chapters.
>>    - *Local and Regional Events: *The committee will help to guide
>>    chapter leaders on how to start and run local and regional events.  A
>>    "startup" budget will be formed from existing event revenues in order to
>>    seed investment in more events, helping additional chapters to be able to
>>    raise enough money to cover their expenses and innovate.
>>    - *Board Guidance: *The committee will work with the Board on any
>>    initiatives they have as they relate to chapter policies, governance,
>>    budgets, or otherwise.
>> Este enfoque fue desarrollado por Tiffany Long y yo en un esfuerzo por
>> cubrir muchos de los problemas que nuestros capítulos enfrentan de forma
>> rutinaria. No es una lista completa y ciertamente recibiría sugerencias
>> de otros en nuestra comunidad. Moreso, espero que otros estén
>> interesados en participar y contribuir a este comité.
>> Según la sección de Creación del Comité del Modelo Operacional de los
>> Comités 2.0, ahora se trata de una discusión comunitaria con un voto de la
>> Junta a seguir. Por la presente solicito formalmente que se agregue este
>> tema como tema de votación en la reunión de la Junta de OWASP del 19 de
>> septiembre. Gracias.
>> Sinceramente,
>> Josh Sokol
>> Miembro de la Junta de OWASP 2014-2017
>> Líder del Capítulo de OWASP Austin
>> El cofundador de la conferencia OWASP LASCON
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> --
> -Travis
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