[Owasp-leaders] Sendai Chapter fund issues

Takaharu Ogasa takaharu.ogasa at owasp.org
Fri May 11 00:33:55 UTC 2018

Dear Dawn Aitken,

I have asked to reply several times but got no reply regarding OSD-526
yet. Could you please respond?

Suddenly I was told that our chapter fund is in negative value but it
is different from what I have been tracking. Received latest cash flow
for our chapter, I have explained the issues and asked to check and
notify me the situation on Apr.18, asked to give me response several
times since that  but got no reply at all. I started to feel very
awkward if our fund will be handled properly. I love OWASP as much as
other guys do and I am more than happy to donate from my pocket if it
is really in negative value but it needs to be solved before I will

Beside of our local chapter, we had been offered several corporate
sponsorships for OWASP A&D Project recently from local corporates but
because this made me feel really awkward, I had to ask the sponsors to
wait till things will get sorted out.

I really understand my english is not great and it is more than likely
that it causes you having hard time understanding but PLEASE let me
know if I need to clarify.

Takaharu Ogasa
OWASP Sendai Local Chapter Leader
OWASP A&D Project Leader

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