[Owasp-leaders] Open Security Summit 2018, supported by OWASP

Seba seba at owasp.org
Thu Mar 15 11:10:09 UTC 2018

hi fellow OWASP leaders,

We passionately believe that the hard problems and challenges that our
industry faces can only be solved by working together in a collaborative
and open environment.

This Summit is such an event, where the community comes together, and works
tirelessly from 8am to 2am on topics that they are passionate about.

As you can see by the tracks, outcomes, attendees and photos from last
year's Summit (https://owaspsummit.org/Outcomes/), this explosive
combination of talent, challenges and enclosed location (venue and villas)
creates a highly productive environment.

Where else in the world do you find 15xThreat Modeling experts,
thought-leaders and practitioners? Where do you find the main authors of
the OWASP Mobile testing guide working together in a room on the next
version? Where do you find a mix of OWASP leaders, developers, security
engineers, security champions, pentesters, architects, risk experts,
business analysts, heads of Security, CISOs, researchers (and many other
roles) in the same room (or villa) all working together, sharing knowledge
and creating tangible and usable outcomes.

The format of the Summit is based on Working Sessions, which are designed
to maximise collaboration and participation. In addition to Working
Sessions, this year we also introduce User Group Sessions where you can
organize workshops or round tables with participants that are new to your
projects (this will help them to join and participate in related Working

The focus and objectives of these sessions are determined by you (the
onsite or remote participant), all the summit team does is to set the stage
for magic to happen :)

Continuing from last year's Working Sessions, and the regular Working
Sessions happening in London, here are some examples of the topics that
will be covered:

   - Threat Modeling
   - GDPR
   - Mobile Security
   - Privacy
   - OWASP Tools and Documents
   - DevOps
   - Security Playbooks
   - Chaos Engineering

If you care about security and want to collaborate with the key players in
this industry, this is the event to be.

How can you help us and our community to make this summit a success?

   1. Register your ticket to assure we book enough villas and meeting
   rooms at the venue (*we really need this to happen in the coming weeks*).
   Use the following link to register:
   <https://open-security-summit.org/tickets/%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank> (early
   bird tickets end on 30-April)
   2. Add your Working and User Group Sessions to the online schedule:
   3. Promote this to your project and chapter communities and convince
   people to register as well.
   4. Support the summit financially with sponsorship (with your
   project/chapter funds or with company sponsorships) - every penny will be
   invested in this year’s summit. Every surplus income will be used as
   start-up budget for next year and to support other summits worldwide.

More information on https://open-security-summit.org/

*We count on your participation and look forward to welcome you at the
Summit! *

Seba, Dinis, Francois and the complete summit team!

*Question: Why: "Open Security Summit, supported by OWASP "*

Given the current focus for new OWASP Board and Executive Director on the
AppSec conferences and reduced OWASP Operational team, the solution we
found was to (for this year) do the event in partnership with OWASP. Since
this is not a global OWASP event and the contract with the venue is not
done via the OWASP Foundation, we are using the "Open Security Summit,
supported by OWASP" model. From an OWASP Chapter and Project point of view,
it is the same model as last year.

There is an "OWASP Summit" registration flow which can be used to use funds
available (to those chapters or projects) to fund or sponsor Summit
participants. Select the “*Chapter or project sponsored Early Bird Ticket -
lodging from Mon-Fri and access to the venue*” ticket type from the
drop-down list on https://regonline.com/opensummit2018

You can also request for your ticket to be covered by the foundation
“Community Engagement” fund for the reduced price of 1000 USD. *You must
submit a request for approval through the Contact US link, as explained on *
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Funding%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank>. Only
requests covered by the foundation "Community Engagement" fund are eligible
for the reduced price. These funds are available on a first come-first
serve basis. Tickets covered by OWASP chapters or projects sponsoring are
priced the same as regular tickets.
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