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Tanya Janca tanya.janca at owasp.org
Mon Mar 12 17:27:58 UTC 2018

My chapter and my project are also experiencung issues that the staff are
helping us with in regards to receiving our donations.

Is this perhaps a systemic problem?  Is our software broken?  Does that
staff need help?  What can we do to support our help solve this issue?
Please let l the community know if you need us so we can solve this


On Mar 12, 2018 10:05 AM, "Ann Grove" <ann.grove at owasp.org> wrote:

> I am concerned that this issue of misdirected donations that Steve pointed
> out ***in December*** is apparently still not resolved.  He has received
> information that OWASP located the donation but he does not believe the
> transaction has been applied to his project. I noticed his earlier thread
> here in November, making sure his client was following the right processes.
> What can be done to resolve this?
> On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 1:10 PM, Steve Springett <
> steve.springett at owasp.org> wrote:
>> One of the primary reasons why I choose to participate in OWASP projects
>> as well as start my own is the support that the OWASP organization provides
>> including the wiki, appsec activities, and project sponsorship.
>> The decision to have donated multiple open source projects to OWASP has
>> been tested over the past month without acceptable results.
>> As many of you know, I have been heavily involved in Dependency-Check
>> since 2012 and started Dependency-Track in 2013. Dependency-Track v3 (to be
>> released in Q1 2018) will be the result of an entire year of work which has
>> resulted in the creation of several supporting and smaller projects and
>> many enhancements to Dependency-Check along the way.
>> One of those smaller supporting projects is actually a big deal to a
>> specific vulnerability intelligence vendor. I am working to incorporate the
>> service the vendor provides as an optional feature into both
>> Dependency-Check and Dependency-Track in an effort to bring additional
>> capabilities to these projects on par with their commercial counterparts.
>> The vendor in turn, chose to sponsor Dependency-Track, an act that I
>> thought was very kind and very much appreciated that would actually benefit
>> both the Dependency-Check and Dependency-Track projects as a result.
>> The vendor informed me on November 3rd they made the donation and I
>> immediately reached out to OWASP accounting and a few other individuals
>> throughout the course of November including communications on November 4th,
>> November 8th, November 10th, and November 28th. My purpose for this email
>> is NOT to point fingers at individuals. Relying on a single person in an
>> organization instead of an agreed upon process supported by leadership
>> makes OWASP no better than a recent CEO pointing fingers at a single person
>> for not applying a patch. It’s absurd and laughable. If relying on a single
>> person is strategic, that strategy is flawed and needs to be fixed.
>> Five weeks after the vendor made the contribution to sponsor the project
>> and I still have not heard any details from OWASP about the nature of the
>> contribution - even though the vendor shared those details with me.
>> Five weeks after the vendor made the contribution and I still am not able
>> to publicly thank them for their contribution.
>> Five weeks after the vendor made the contribution and I’m still not able
>> to follow the guidelines outlined in https://www.owasp.org/index.ph
>> p/Project_Sponsorship_Operational_Guidelines.
>> Providing details on the contribution is required if OWASP expects to
>> have project sponsorship. Even an answer that the contribution was made in
>> error and was a general contribution instead would be an acceptable answer.
>> No answer at all is not acceptable and I question OWASP’s ability to
>> provide project sponsorship in the first place.
>> The contribution was made using the same/similar mechanism the OWASP
>> Defect Dojo project uses. I question if that project, or any other project
>> using this method have received the support they deserve.
>> If the donor didn’t inform me of their contribution, I would likely never
>> know about this situation. This is not the type of organization I want to
>> continue to be associated with.
>> I am asking for a thorough review, not only on the Dependency-Track
>> project, but on all projects that use this method of donation.
>> I have not decided whether or not to continue donating my projects to
>> OWASP or not. At risk for being pulled from OWASP are:
>> Dependency-Check Jenkins plugin
>> Dependency-Check SonarQube plugin
>> Dependency-Track
>> In all cases however, I will be removing the OWASP name from the above
>> projects.
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