[Owasp-leaders] Recruiting Python Developers for User Study

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I am forwarding this message from a colleague who is doing research on
python developers for those who may be interested in participating.




Recruiting Python Developers for User Study

                   Hello All,

                   My lab at the University of Florida/FICS is recruiting
Python developers for a research study on developer's perceptions while
programming. Please help us advance Science!

                   Compensation in US dollars (Amazon gift card): $50 for
professionals working with software development and testing (employed) and
$20 for senior undergrads and graduate students from Universities.

                   English fluency is required.


                   1) Complete a multiple-choice survey about programming.

                   2) Complete a short questionnaire on personality and

                   For more information and to enroll please contact:
*psy-ebnerlab at psych.ufl.edu* <psy-ebnerlab at psych.ufl.edu>

                   This study has been funded by the National Science
Foundation and is approved by the University of Florida Institutional
Review Board (IRB).

                   Please share our ad and/or tag someone you know will be
interested! Thanks :)

*Daniela Seabra Oliveira*

*Associate Professor at University of Florida*
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