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Timur 'x' Khrotko [owasp] timur at owasp.org
Mon Jun 11 22:19:37 UTC 2018

Dear Karen,

sorry, I have a problem with interpreting the below terms probably due to
my English:
"This complimentary conference registration is for the two day conference,
including coffee services and lunch.  This offer does not include the
conference event ticket. "
Is there some sort of free tickets for leaders, but those are not effective
conference tickets?
Also on the registration form when I choose 'Conference - Chapter Leader
...' and provide the EU2018-CLF code and my email, it returns with a "You
have entered an invalid code" message.

Thanks, cheers,

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 6:29 PM, Karen Staley <karen.staley at owasp.org>

> Dear Chapter and Project Leaders,
>>> Thank you again for your support and involvement in OWASP.  We very much
>>> value your active participation in the foundation.
>>> As leaders of projects and or chapters within OWASP you are entitled to
>>> a complimentary conference registration at *AppSec EU 2018.*
>>> This complimentary conference registration is for the two day
>>> conference, including coffee services and lunch.  This offer* does not
>>> include the conference event ticket.*
>>> If you wish you may purchase a conference event ticket under merchandise
>>> in the registration system.
>>> Here are the applicable codes for project and chapter leaders:
>>> *Chapter Leader Code - EU2018-CLF*
>>> *Project Leader Code - EU2018-PLF*
>>> Registration for Complimentary Leader Conference
>>> <https://2018.appsec.eu/register>registrations will close Friday 22
>>> June, 2018 to allow us enough time for planning and preparation.
>>> When registering, please select the conference registration item then
>>> submit the appropriate code above and the discount will be applied.
>>> Please note the discount codes are available for chapter and project
>>> leaders only and not transferable.  Also this offer is extended to active
>>> chapters only.  Please note each chapter and each project receives three
>>> complimentary registrations.  Once the limit has been reached the code will
>>> not longer be active.
>>> Marketing and Promoting AppSec EU 2018
>>> Help us generate high attendance at the conference in London!  We kindly
>>> request that you promote the conference through your chapters via your
>>> chapter meetings.  Please promote the conferences much as possible
>>> through your meetings various communications. The planning is going well
>>> and we expect to have a great conference. If you need a hotel room the
>>> headquarters hotel is listed on the hotel booking site:
>>> https://2018.appsec.eu/london/hotel  the rates you see have already
>>> been negotiated for you.
>> We look forward to seeing you in London!
>>> Thank you again for your dedication and support of OWASP!
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> *Join us at AppSec Eu 2018 <https://2018.appsec.eu/> 2-6 July in London,
> UK and at AppSec USA 2018 <https://2018.appsecusa.org/> 8-12 October in San
> Jose, CA!*
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