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FYI, the response from the OWASP Israel chapter leaders sent to the
owasp-israel mailing list. 



To: owasp-israel at lists.owasp.org
Subject: Response to Change of Location for AppSec EU 2018


Hi everyone, 


In response to the final decision to change the location of AppSec Europe
<http://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/owasp-leaders/2018-January/018954.html> ,
the OWASP Israel chapter leaders protest this decision. We would like to
express our deep disappointment with the outcome, and in particular with the
process that lead to this situation. We feel that the Leadership of the
OWASP Foundation made a rash decision that is alienating many local chapters
and the innovation coming from them, and is moving to profit driven
decisions, with little evidence to back up their claims. At this point in
time, we feel that the reasons for this decision are still not clear or well


We feel that the actions that were taken by Foundation Leadership broke the
trust between local communities and the global foundation. That said, we are
pleased that the current Global Board does recognize the problems with how
this move was conducted, and are devoted to fixing the process and the
culture. They seem to be recommitting the Foundation to its core values of
transparency, integrity, innovation, and global community, as well as
adhering to the expected level of professionalism and respectful
communication. The responsibility for re-building that broken trust is in
the hands of the OWASP Global Board members, and while there are challenges
we expect they will be working to repair it. 


One of the first steps that the Board has already suggested to start to
repair the damage, is to host AppSec Europe 2019 (or a Global AppSec event)
in Tel Aviv. We are confident that if this comes to pass, we will be able to
put on a fantastic event as was originally planned for this year, and it
will prove to be one of the most successful AppSecEU's, as well as
financially profitable. As with any decision that has been taken by the
Israeli chapter in the past, our ultimate goal is to promote Application
Security and contribute to our local community, and we will continue to do
so in the future. We will continue to practice, share, and educate through
our local chapter meetings throughout the year, and especially at our
immensely successful AppSec Israel conference. 


In the meantime, if you are disappointed about not getting to Tel Aviv to
attend AppSecEU this year, we strongly recommend you plan to join us at the
fantastic AppSecIL <https://appsecil.org/>  (date TBA), as well as at some
of the other amazing security conferences that are coming to Tel Aviv:
EuroCrypt <https://eurocrypt.iacr.org/2018/>  (April), DevSecCon
<https://www.devseccon.com/tel-aviv-2018/>  (May), and BSidesTLV
<https://www.bsidestlv.com/>  + CyberWeek (June)! 




The OWASP Israel chapter leaders - Or Katz, Avi Douglen, Ofer Maor, Yossi
Oren, Irene Abezgauz and Hemed Gur Ary



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