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Sherif Mansour sherif.mansour at owasp.org
Thu Aug 30 19:35:13 UTC 2018

Dear all,

Here is the OWASP London Live stream:

Here are this meetup's talks:

   - * "From zero to hero: building security from scratch" - Anthi Gilligan*

Breaches mean financial, regulatory, legal, and above all reputational
repercussions. Organisations are quick to react, however with security
professionals in high demand and low supply, there has been an increase in
individuals jumping on the “cybersecurity” bandwagon. In this talk, we
discuss the pitfalls of the inadequately qualified “cybersecurity expert”,
and examine the building blocks of a solid information security management

   - *Lightning Talk: "Driving OWASP ZAP using Selenium" - Mark Torrens*

OWASP ZAP is great tool but it's not magic! When used in a CI/CD pipeline,
ZAP needs some help to discover the routes through a web application. Basic
authentication, user logins and form validation can all stop ZAP in its
tracks. I show how to drive ZAP using Selenium scripts and increase the
security coverage of a web application.

   - *"Smart Contract Security" - Evangelos Deirmentzoglou*

Dapps and many Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) run on smart contracts and
tend to process a substantial amount of funds. This makes them a target,
and therefore they often undergo attacks. Combined with the blockchain
immutability, vulnerabilities undiscovered during development will exist
forever in the blockchain. This talk will dive into the most common smart
contract security vulnerabilities and provide in-depth knowledge on how
these issues occur and their mitigation. Real world examples will be
discussed and vulnerabilities like re-entrancy, overflows, gas limit
attacks etc. will be demonstrated

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