[Owasp-leaders] Help with OWASP books project - need a web designer

Sherif Mansour sherif.mansour at owasp.org
Sat Aug 4 13:13:18 UTC 2018

Hey Gang

Now that AppsecEU is behind us, I need some small web design help on the
owasp books project, if you know a web desinger or would like to help it
would be much appreciated.

The idea is to provide the various OWASP document projects with a template
and a service to publish their documents in various formats - when they so

Basically OWASP has a lot of books in various formats. We want provide a
service to document projects to move them to MarkDown format and from there
we can use a tool called pandocs to export them to any format
(PDF/Ebooks/physical books etc..). That way we can update them easily and
publish them on amazon etc..

We have already helped the SAMM project convert their PDF of version 1.5
into Mark Down. We need to produce a nice design template (CSS) for
projects to use if they want.

*Where are the books?*
Currently we have one book: The SAMM ebook can be found here (this includes
the images, and mobi/epub formats):

The basic instructions on how to convert a md file to an ebook can be found

However it doesn't look great. Now pandocs has actually a template to show
how it's done properly here:

*What is the ask:*

   - Take the contents of the current MD formated book (see link
   - Go through the pandoc guide here: https://github.com/wikiti/pandoc-book
   - Format the book to look "cleaner" and ready for publishing (the book
   can take a CSS as well like in the guide above).

*What is the plan next?*
Please reach out to me, we have many documents and we want to ensure they
are updated regularly so a default book design/format would help the
foundation greatly.


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