[Owasp-leaders] Problems with sending mails to mailing list

Achim achim at owasp.org
Wed Apr 18 09:44:02 UTC 2018


several people complained in this list, that "emails are not send" when
addressed to an OWASP mailing-list.

*first of all: the reason was not our mailing-list server at lists.owasp.org*

After some time of researching, the culprit of all mails I have been informed
about, was  ess.barracudanetworks.com  which is the the MX for lists.owasp.org
and "tries" to do spam filtering before the mail is forwarded to lists.owasp.org
Some mails got stuck in the spooler (whatever this means for barracuda, as it
seems not to spool), one or two where blocked. If possible or necessary, I added
the sender to the filterng whitelist.


Said this, is there anyboudy who can configure or assist in configureing this
Aehm, you want to know what system? Right it identifies itself on the Web-GUI
as:  Barracuda Cloud Control, Version 2018.4
That's it.

Do we have some support for this system?

Finally, if you encounter missing mails to mailing-lists again, please contact
me directly and provide date, time, from and to data of the mail.


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