[Owasp-leaders] Next Summit (4th-8th June), please add Working Sessions and reach out to attendees that need to be at the Summit

Dinis Cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Mon Apr 16 07:03:42 UTC 2018

Hi Owasp Leaders

The next Summit (4th-8th of June), it is really taking off, with lots of
great content and sessions (see full list of Tracks, Working Sessions and
User Sessions at https://open-security-summit.org). If you have specific
topics you are interested in, now is the right time to create a session
around it (remember that you can participate remotely).

If you are an OWASP Project leader, this is the perfect opportunity to do
focused work on your project (via Working Sessions) or to organise hands on
sessions for your users (via User Sessions).

If you are an OWASP Chapter leader, this is a great opportunity to find
speakers for your chapter, and maybe even sponsor key members of your
community to attend (who can then present at your chapter).

Here is a quick presentation about the Summit:

Here are two great blog posts from of last year's Summit:

  - "The OWASP Summit exceeded all expectations"

  - "OWASP Summit 2017: what's new?"

If you are on Owasp Slack please join the the #open-security-summit channel
(if you are not, you can register here https://owasp.herokuapp.com/ )

Finally, you might find this presentation I delivered last week interesting:
 *"Using security to drive chaos engineering"*
(would love to get some feedback on those ideas)

Thanks for your help

Dinis Cruz
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