[Owasp-leaders] Sendai is looking for overseas speakers

Takaharu Ogasa takaharu.ogasa at owasp.org
Sat Oct 14 01:44:11 UTC 2017

Dear all,

We are looking for any overseas speakers to talk at Sendai Local Chapter
Meetings. If any of you have opportunity come to Japan please let me know.

Sendai is..
- Located about 350km (200+miles) North of Tokyo
- Just 1 1/2 hours by Shinkansen Super Express Train
- with about 1 million population and many outdoor activity around city
like hikings, bikings, skiing etc.
- One of the greatest place for Sake, Onsen, Seafood in Japan

Sendai Chapter is...
- We hold monthly meetings with about 25 super friendly attendees
- Small but more friendly and interactive
- 90% application developers
- Enjoy international enviroment

What we can offer...
- Non-Tokyo, Non-tourist experience at Sendai City
- Return domestic trip from Tokyo (Sorry. I wish we can but we can't afford
to cover the trip from ovderseas. )
- One night hotel stay at Sendai
- Very interactive session with my translation. Typically it last about
90~120min with 60min talk material (If you prefer to try in Japanese
language, that is very welcome!!)
- A (or more) shot of local made whiskey before the talk!
- After party at Japanese style bistro "Izakaya" with local attendees
- Biking? Hiking? I love to take you guys. Mountain biking? Awesome!!

What we need...
- Any talks regarding information security
- 30~90 min of talk material

Because quite many information from outside Japan is filtered by any
organizations through the translation process. I think it is more essential
to have more opportunity to touch any raw information outside Japan
directory. On top of that, it is great to experience different cultures
through OWASP and I would like to help Sendai locals have that opportunity.

Takaharu Ogasa
OWASP Sendai Local Chapter Leader
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