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> Fantastic news. Glad to hear it!!
> On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 7:47 PM Matt Tesauro <matt.tesauro at owasp.org>
> wrote:
>> I'm finally back home after back to back OWASP trips.  I'm been keeping
>> up with things as best I could and am just now getting to share some news
>> AppSec EU - what a great conference.  The Developer and Project Summits
>> held there were quite effective.  It's always great to hang out with our
>> community.  Based on face to face meetings with OWASP leaders there, I
>> picked up a couple of action items. The biggest one is to setup a temporary
>> Discourse install for leaders to use, experiment with and provide feedback
>> on. That's on this weeks ToDo list.
>> After Belfast, I went to Interop ITX and spoke at Dark Reading's Cyber
>> Security Crash Course - I had the AppSec bit and spread the word about
>> OWASP.  Interesting things that happened:
>>    1. Sitting in the track, I heard 5 different positive mentions of
>>    OWASP by other speakers
>>    2. At lunch, the table I sat at was stunned to hear that OWASP only
>>    has 6 full-time staff + 2 part timers.  They thought we were MUCH bigger in
>>    terms of staff.
>>    3. I bumped into a project leader randomly in the hall and as we
>>    talked a bit, I asked how their interactions with the Foundation staff had
>>    been.  They said they didn't really interact much with the Foundation but
>>    ever time they'd reached out to staff it was positive and they were thanked
>>    + encouraged to continue their OWASP work.
>>    4. At the Vegas airport going through security, one of the guards
>>    noticed the stickers on my laptop.  After telling him what I did, he
>>    thanked OWASP for the work we do mentioning how computers (and software)
>>    are everywhere now and really need help especially after the WannaCry
>>    ransomware attacks.
>> After all these interactions, I choose
>>    - to be positive about OWASP and the good work we do
>>    - to be constructive when things don't work like they should so we
>>    can make them better
>>    - to remember that there's a ton of vulnerable software out there and
>>    we're only going to make headway when we work together
>>    - to believe that for every negative comment, there's 100 positive
>>    interactions that go unspoken
>>    - to keep in mind that all staff only want the best for OWASP but
>>    we're human and we make mistakes from time to time.
>> I encourage all of you to choose to be positive and reflect on all the
>> good things OWASP has done and will continue to do.
>> What other positive news do  you want to share?
>> Cheers from Texas (finally)
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