[Owasp-leaders] Mediawiki refresh?

Paweł Krawczyk pawel.krawczyk at hush.com
Tue May 16 05:35:17 UTC 2017

As you're editing OWASP documents from time to time it's difficult to
miss the fact that the wiki looks a bit ancient and boring, and I mean
both technology and the visual design here. What about giving it a bit
of refresh?

  * Visual refresh - make the wiki HTML a bit more colorful and more
    readable, work on the fonts, color schemes, and especially the code
    blocks; add more visual elements to improve readability of code
    samples, which make significant part of the content. Most coding
    blogs have now better design, with nice fonts and code highlighting,
    as compared to OWASP pages, which have 90's look and feel.

This would require finding a contractor (Upwork, Freelancer) who would
work primarily on the Mediawiki CSS and HTML templates and I don't think
the budget would exceed a few hundreds bucks. I can volunteer to
coordinate this part.

The other refresh that we might consider, and I'm intentionally
proposing this separately for discussion:

  * Upgrade Mediawiki, add more Wikipedia-like features, such as easy
    references generator
  * As Mediawik isn't the best CMS especially for code publishing,
    consider switching to something else, such as Markdown. The existing
    content could be mostly converted automatically.


Paweł Krawczyk
+44 7879 180015

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