[Owasp-leaders] [Owasp-board] Where are the boardmembers?

Bev Corwin bev.corwin at owasp.org
Sun May 14 00:32:17 UTC 2017

@johanna Thanks for sharing the article. I'll forward to the WIA list.
Valuable feedback. I agree, unfortunately, often the only response we get
is no response. Re: board issues - In my past experiences with non profits,
boards are typically expected to lead fundraising, set strategy and
oversight for the organization. You mentioned the problem of a disengaged
board. Yes, It is a serious problem. I also see a problem of a board that
is spinning its wheels, not able to keep up the momentum and productivity
for the growing needs of the organization. Would be nice to see both board
members and staff engage in "listening" more to the needs of the community
to help inspire improvements. However, I do not see general conversations
or so called "complaining" as a particularly negative thing. To me, it is
foundation of a normal active healthy communication process which is
necessary for a community to grow, learn and refine improvements.
Interpreting comments in a positive way is important too, especially in a
global diverse organization. I agree that assuming things negatively is
discriminatory, though sharing different viewpoints isn't, and a sense of
humor is always useful too. Thank you for all the good work that you do.
Best of luck with your board responsibilities! Let me know how I can help.
Cheers, Bev
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