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Dinis Cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Fri May 12 20:32:45 UTC 2017

In 30 days (12 June) Owasp will host its 2017 Global Summit
<http://owaspsummit.org/> in London
<http://owaspsummit.org/website/venue.html> where hundreds of participants
<http://owaspsummit.org/website/participants.html> will join forces in Working
Sessions <http://owaspsummit.org/website/working-sessions.html> focused on
solving hard Application and Cyber Security problems.

This is not a conference with unidirectional presentations. Using the same
model as the past two OWASP Summits in Portugal, this 5-day event will be a
high-energy experience, during which attendees get the chance to work and
collaborate intensively. Every thoroughly prepared working session is
geared towards a specific application security challenge and will be
focused on actionable outcomes.

With participants flying from all over the world and from major
security/development teams, service/product providers and research
organizations, this is the place to be to learn and collaborate with
industry peers (and even competitors).

The event is split over the following tracks, each focusing on a specific
set of challenges:

   - Threat Modeling <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Threat-Model/> -
   This is one of the strongest tracks, with most of the core Threat Modeling
   talent in the world joining forces and collaborating
   - OwaspSAMM <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/OwaspSAMM/> - This
   is another track where we have the main contributors and users of this
   Owasp project participating at the Summit
   - DevSecOps <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/DevSecOps/> - This
   track has been generating quite a buzz among participants, since it is
   addressing real pain points and problems that companies face today
   - Education <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/DevSecOps/> -
   Always strong in OWASP, this track ranges from University master degree to
   how to create the next generation of AppSec professionals
   - Mobile Security
   <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Mobile-Security/> - Another
   track where the key Owasp leaders of Mobile-related Owasp projects are
   - CISO <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Education/> - This track
   reaches a wide audience of CISOs and covers a wide range of CISO-related
   - Research <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Research/> - This
   track covers really important and interesting research topics (it’s
   important to look at the future and work on the next generation of
   Application Security)
   - Agile AppSec <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Agile-AppSec/> -
   This is a track driven by a couple participants who really care about Agile
   and want to find better ways to integrate it with AppSec practices
   - Security Crowdsourcing
   <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Security-Crowdsourcing/> - This
   is a track that is focused on scaling AppSec activities via internal and
   external crowdsourcing
   - Owasp Project’s Summit
   <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Project-Summit/> - Last but not
   least, this track has 31x Working Sessions directly related to an Owasp
   Project (with most having the Project Leader participating)

Each track’s Working Session will be expected to deliver something tangible
and usable by the Owasp community (whitepaper, documentation, play-books,
code, action-plans, books, decisions, etc.) and all Participants are
expected to participate actively in Working Sessions (as an organizer or

Owasp Summit’s Schedules are different from normal conferences, since they
are focused on maximizing the Participant’s time and Working Sessions they
want to be actively involved. The current Schedule is under development and
will be released in the next weeks.

Here are some of the Working Sessions that will be worked on at the Summit:

   - Application Security BSc/Masters Curriculum Design
    , Creating AppSec Teams
   - Threat Modeling Cheat Sheet
   - Software Defined Everything (SDx)
   - Using ML and AI to detect Attacks
   - Agile Practices for Security Teams
    , Integrating Security into a Portfolio Kanban
    , Using Security Risks to Measure Agile Practices
   - Scaling Static Analysis Reviews and Deployments
    , NextGen Security Scanners
   - GDPR and DPO AppSec implications
   <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/CISO/>, Cyber Insurance
   <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/CISO/> , InfoSec Warranties and
   - Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG)
   - Implications of Owasp Top 10 2017
   <http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Owasp-Top-10-2017>, Data behind
   Owasp Top 10 2017
   - Juice Shop
    , NodeGoat
, Testing
   Guide v5
    , Application Security Guide for CISO
    , OWASP Risk Rating Management Project
   - Crowdsourcing Security Knowledge
    , Responsible Disclosure

In order to attract as much talent as possible to the Summit, the Summit
Tickets <http://owaspsummit.org/website/buy-ticket.html> were kept at a low
price. A 5x 8h daily ticket costs £400 (i.e. without accommodation) and a
5x 24h daily ticket costs £1,200 (i.e. with 4-night accommodation), with a
10% discount (for 5 to 9 tickets) and a 20% discount (for 10+ tickets). 1x
daily 8h tickets are also available at £100 and 24h tickets at £300.

A key factor of the Owasp Summit’s high level productivity and
collaboration is the Lodge/Villa accommodation model, where participants
will stay, and be literally involved in AppSec/Security conversations and
debates from morning till dusk (a number of daily and evening Working
Sessions will occur in the Lodges)

Some companies are bringing larger teams to the Summit (with a dedicated
Lodge/Villa) where they can double-up as team-building, strategic planning
and offsite events.

The Owasp Summit is going to be the largest concentration of AppSec and
Security talent focused on solving problems in 2017.

The question is: *Will you be there?*

Dinis, Seba and Francois
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