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Bev Corwin bev.corwin at owasp.org
Tue May 9 14:08:15 UTC 2017

Hi Johanna,

Happy to schedule a call to discuss and go over the various complex issues.
I realize that we are all human, and encourage OWASP leadership and staff
to take that into consideration, as well, especially when creating and
imposing burdensome authoritarian unproductive workflows for Chapter
Leaders and Members without any end user feedback or process for adoption /
votes to accept them. We are all adults, professionals, and volunteers, and
the OWASP Board and Staff should respect and remember this. We have a
gotomeeting on the OWASP Calendar on Friday May 26, 10am ET (USA NY) to
discuss and document concerns, and will deliver to leadership's thoughtful
consideration. All are welcome to participate and share their comments on
the shared documents, links available on the calendar invitation. These
problems are not caused any one staff person - they are a systematic
failure and a cultural failure, most likely due to chronic lack of
leadership and lack of community engagement / communication / feedback


On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM, johanna curiel curiel <
johanna.curiel at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi Bev,
> We should definitely acknowledge that there are issues based on your
> strong feedback to the staff and the entire organization. I feel your
> frustration and clear you have expressed this clearly multiple times.
> I just hope you bare in mind that OWASP is definitely far from perfect,
> and yes, there are communication issues, especially when we consider a
> staff having to handle a Global community, working remotely, trying to
> please everyone. Also board members that have a fulltime jobs and have
> taken the responsibility to lead a ship called OWASP and might be too
> absorb in their issues.
> I'm at appsec talking to the staff and trying to understand the issues
> they are facing. Many people are clueless how much works takes to handle a
> Global community across the globe and trying to be available 24x7.
> Please, bear in mind that for some members of the staff like Tiffany, this
> community is particularly new to them, especially, I think, she is  just
> trying to get the work done and also with the pressure to have guidelines
> ready.
> I would like very much to have a call with you and try  to clarify the
> issues you as part of the community are confronting.
> Lets see how can we use that feedback to improve things and how can we
> make sure that volunteers like you are aware of the work done by the staff
> with realistic expectations on the actual situation.
> We are just people trying to make the web a better place, but let's see
> how can we work together to reach that goal.
> Email me in private, would like very much to talk to you and see how can
> we make improve the communication , but also everyone should be aware that
> OWASP is not a corp and far from it.
> Help us improve and use your experience to advise us how but also based on
> the actual resources and real situation.
> Best regards
> Johanna
> >> Sounds like OWASP Staff are revolting against local chapters and
> making the OWASP Global staff the new "kings" of OWASP Chapters. Do you
> think that this this appropriate?
> >>There are many flaws. Also, staff, chapter leaders and board need some
> training in user experience, member experience, and grassroots
> communications outreach.
> >>My biggest complaint is the fact that it was not put up for vote by the
> community before being adopted. Also, that I was not able to comment on the
> draft that you shared
> >> I am also very disappointed in "bottlenecking" or creating
> unnecessary, burdensome costly, wasteful bureaucracy when it is not needed,
> or welcome. It is one thing to try to organize things, it is another to
> make it harder for chapter leaders and project leaders.
> >>You said that the draft was open for comments and *all* comments were
> incorporated. I know that this is a false statement because I submitted
> comments and they were not incorporated, in fact, they were completely
> ignored. Where are these comments documented? I do not think that the
> entire community was aware of this opportunity to comment. If they were, I
> think that you would have heard more comments like mine, that we need to
> develop an integrated local to global workflow for projects and chapter
> memberships, sponsors, events and co-marketing arrangements, since it is
> too much for staff to do on their own. Also, this document claims funding
> options, and our chapter submitted a number of funding requests that were
> also ignored. This bottlenecking is holding local chapters back, waiting on
> staff, who often times do not come through for them, ignore them, and place
> unrealistic responsibilities on them. This needs to change.
> >>There is a serious lack of productivity, and performance. Plain and
> simple. Staff and board are responsible. Period. Someone needs to state the
> facts here. Local chapters are being limited, too. It hurts local and
> global. Need to wake up and face the facts.
> --
> Johanna Curiel
> OWASP Volunteer
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