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Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Mon Jul 10 20:43:36 UTC 2017

Dear Harsh,

No, the Voting and Participatory categories are mutually exclusive.  The
voting member is a member of OWASP and has the right to vote on motions,
the Participatory member is not a member of OWASP or has chosen to not vote
on motions.  Participatory members are still valuable members of the
committee and contribute their time, skills, and experience.


Tiffany Long
Community Manager

On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 11:28 PM, Harsh Bothra <harsh.bothra at owasp.org>

> Hello Tiffany,
> is it possible to apply for both voting and participating member at a time?
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> On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 11:20 AM, Tiffany Long <tiffany.long at owasp.org>
> wrote:
>> Dear Leaders,
>> A committee has been approved to continue the global mentor initiative.
>> The scope of the committee is:
>>> The OWASP Mentors Committee (OMC) will coordinate with OWASP Global
>>> Foundation (G2L), OWASP Global Committees (OGCs), OWASP Local Chapters
>>> (L2Gs), and external organizations to facilitate the development and
>>> implementation of OWASP Mentorship and Learning Framework (OMLF), OWASP
>>> Learning Gateway (OLG) and bridge OWASP mentors and mentees to security
>>> ecosystem opportunities.
>>> The OMLF & OLG are coordinated efforts to improve OWASP global
>>> membership benefits through continuous development of the following
>>> services:
>>> Mentoring for new and current members
>>> Mentoring and leadership guidance for leaders and new chapters
>>> Professional development for career pathways, jobs and entrepreneurship
>>> Performance management guidance for members and chapters
>>> Self-directed collaborative learning driving innovation experiences for
>>> mentors and mentees
>>> In furtherance of these objectives OMC will coordinate internally with
>>> G2L, OGCs, L2Gs, OLG and externally to:
>>> Facilitate collaboration and relationship management with interested
>>> participating local OWASP Chapters for development and implementation of
>>> OMC, OMLF and OLG, and assigning chapter liaisons to the OMC.
>>> Manage OMC, OMLF & OLG relationships directly with the Mentors Committee
>>> and facilitate internal and external collaboration with and between OWASP
>>> Events, Marketing, Outreach, and Membership for implementation of OMC, OMLF
>>> & OLG.
>>> Promote internal collaboration and relationship management with Global
>>> OWASP Projects, Staff, Board, Committees i.e.: WIA, and any other relevant
>>> future committees to insure a smooth implementation of OMC, OMLF & OLG by
>>> providing access to liaisons and mentors, as needed, developing content and
>>> education programs for mentoring, identifying and developing leadership
>>> opportunities, and identifying and developing professional development and
>>> collaborative learning opportunities.
>>> Identify collaboration opportunities and provide relationship management
>>> with internal & external organizations through the Mentors Committee
>>> directly(with agreement of the OWASP Global Foundation and with the
>>> Foundation handling any contracts or funds), including but not limited
>>> to: directly and co-developing content and learning opportunities,
>>> organizing events, developing and executing co-marketing and sponsorships,
>>> entering into syndication and accreditation agreements, providing
>>> information on ecosystem’s educational opportunities (academic and
>>> professional development), professional training, apprenticeships,
>>> internships, sponsorships, scholarships, certifications, courses, credits,
>>> etc., programs, projects, and related resources (digital media,
>>> publications, speakers) in furtherance and advancement of OMLF, OLG & OMC.
>>> Provide oversight for development of the OWASP Learning Gateway Project
>>> (OLG). OLG is an online learning gateway framework for mentor-mentee /
>>> sponsor-protégé learning pathways, professional development, academic
>>> advancement, equivalencies programs, transitional programs, providing
>>> information and access to scholarships, grants, educational resources,
>>> trainings, courses, workshops, educational, academic and professional
>>> resources including academic and field research, applied learning and
>>> experiential learning opportunities, apprenticeships, sponsorships,
>>> scholarships and internships. The goal of OMC & OLG is to develop robust
>>> global-to-local and local-to-global resources within OWASP Learning
>>> Gateway’s self-directed collaborative learning environment and learning
>>> ecosystem.
>>> Support Leaders Reviews Initiative with liaisons, mentoring, chapter
>>> mentoring, leadership, professional development, etc., as needed, and
>>> integrate collaborative learning experiences that empower the Leaders
>>> Reviews Initiative to develop as an organizational feedback mechanism for
>>> OWASP Foundation continuous improvement. Leaders Reviews Initiative’s Group
>>> Discussion List: leaders-reviews at owasp.org -
>>> https://groups.google.com/a/owasp.org/forum/?hl=en#!forum/le
>>> aders-reviews
>>> Encourage inclusion, outreach, and recruitment to underrepresented
>>> groups and the underserved, including but not limited to all minorities,
>>> all genders, the economically excluded, early careerists, transitioning
>>> careerists, Women in Technology, Women in Open Source, transitioning
>>> Veterans, women Veterans, transitioning homemakers, etc.
>>> The Mentors Committee will continue in the future to develop scope,
>>> innovate, create, and adapt ongoing continuous improvements as needed, as
>>> identified by the OMLF, OMC, OLG and defined by Mentors Committee community
>>> participants and OLG users (mentors and mentees).
>>> Any revenue, income, fundraising, grants, sponsorships, donations, mics.
>>> funds, etc. raised and/or generated by the OMC, OMLF and OLG will be split
>>> 90/10 with 90% assigned and deposited into the OWASP Mentors Committee
>>> (OMC) budget account and 10% assigned and deposited into the OWASP
>>> Foundation Global (OFG) budget account.
>>> Th
>>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/106eda34-7d11-489b-aa85-c5a3f0a6b242/docs-google-com-document-d-1fs50z9kub-gkug3gemlfgt9sbxg6ufuuriymo6asqnq-edit>
>>> e
>>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/106eda34-7d11-489b-aa85-c5a3f0a6b242/docs-google-com-document-d-1fs50z9kub-gkug3gemlfgt9sbxg6ufuuriymo6asqnq-edit1>
>>> OW
>>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/106eda34-7d11-489b-aa85-c5a3f0a6b242/docs-google-com-document-d-1fs50z9kub-gkug3gemlfgt9sbxg6ufuuriymo6asqnq-edit2>
>>> AS
>>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/106eda34-7d11-489b-aa85-c5a3f0a6b242/docs-google-com-document-d-1fs50z9kub-gkug3gemlfgt9sbxg6ufuuriymo6asqnq-edit3>
>>> P
>>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/106eda34-7d11-489b-aa85-c5a3f0a6b242/docs-google-com-document-d-1fs50z9kub-gkug3gemlfgt9sbxg6ufuuriymo6asqnq-edit4>Mentor
>>> Committee will hold monthly meetings on GoToMeeting and schedule regular
>>> face-to-face mentor activities including but not limited to meetups,
>>> regional, national, and international events.
>>> Create, develop, implement, and oversight of the OWASP Mentorship and
>>> Learning Framework (OMLF) by which mentoring, sponsorship, scholarship,
>>> education, training and related learning activities are governed, including
>>> goals, desired outcomes, general format, acceptable behavior, grievance
>>> process, and other needs that may develop in the future.
>> To become a voting member of this committee you MUST be a member of OWASP
>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/14e6acb2-5d1d-4f7e-b3cd-ccfbeb730371/owasp-org-index-php-membership>
>> .
>> The call for committee voting members is open for 7 days from 7/7/17
>> 11.00pm PDT to 7/15/17 12.00am PDT. The committee can only continue if
>> at least 5 people sign up.  If fewer than five people are voting members
>> the committee will be dissolved.
>> After the 7 day call for voting members new voting members can be added
>> to the committee only by recommendation as per the Committees 2.0 rules
>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/14e6acb2-5d1d-4f7e-b3cd-ccfbeb730371/owasp-org-index-php-governance-owasp-committees>
>> .
>> Participation in committees is open to all and not limited to voting
>> members.
>> JOIN OWASP Mentors Committee
>> <https://tracking.cirrusinsight.com/106eda34-7d11-489b-aa85-c5a3f0a6b242/goo-gl-forms-i1loixnbe2xfplog1>
>> Tiffany Long
>> Community Manager
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> Thanks & Regards
> Harsh Bothra
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