[Owasp-leaders] Last call for budget items

Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Wed Jan 25 18:11:04 UTC 2017

Hi Laura,
I am responding so you have my contact info should you wish to reach out to

Tiffany Long
Community Manager

On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 7:02 AM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>

> Hi Laura,
> The simple answer is both "yes" and "no". If you want to run an "OWASP
> Day", like Julian Berton did at OWASP Melbourne last year, I'm sure that
> Tiffany here can assist with pointers and so on. We offer well planned
> events an opportunity to obtain funding on a case by case basis, which
> Tiffany can take you through the process and funding limits. Generally, to
> make sure you get lots of attendees, we recommend a minimum of 3 months
> lead time on this type of event, with 6+ months being ideal so you can get
> the best trainers, organise the best rates with event spaces, etc, etc.
> As training can be immensely profitable, we are generally happy to help
> provide funding to book a space and catering, as long as this is
> re-invested back in the local chapter once expenses have been paid. We use
> a 90/10 split for these types of events, where 90% of the profits go
> straight back to the chapter. 10% covers our staff and logistics costs.
> If it becomes more of a serious regional conference or similar, like
> AppSec Cali or AppSec Africa, then it's best to talk to Laura Grau. The
> lead time for these events is usually 9-12 months.
> thanks,
> Andrew
> On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 1:50 AM, Laura Bigram <laura.bigram at owasp.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi Andrew
>> I am the chapter leader for trinidad and Tobago.  Ive been thinking of
>> hosting all day training event with various speakers in 2017.
>> However this is way out of the reach of tt funds allocation.
>> Is there a limit to how much funds can be approved for the budget items?
>> LB
>> On Jan 25, 2017 09:22, "Andrew van der Stock" <vanderaj at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Hi there
>> It's the last call for any budget items. I've put out a general call for
>> budget items since the September board meeting, and met with many different
>> folks at AppSec USA, so if you have something that you'd like OWASP to do
>> and that needs funds, it's crunch time.
>> I am preparing the final budget in preparation for its approval in our
>> February 8 board meeting, so please if you have big ticket items that can't
>> be funded from your chapter or project that are one of our strategic goals,
>> the sooner you can get it in the the more likely you will be able to do it
>> in 2017.
>> thanks
>> Andrew
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