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Tom Brennan tomb at proactiverisk.com
Mon Jan 9 20:42:29 UTC 2017

+10, encourage all to attend and SPEND the project budgets (at a min each
has $500 per project) to help offset costs to attend the OWASP Summit

details on funding you can use:

If there is enough interest in Q3/2017 from the leadership I have also
secured space that can host hundreds of attendees in NYC @ Microsoft thanks
to their efforts around open-source ( http://open.microsoft.com ) <-- give
them a little plug..  July 12 th

Adapt overcome, allow owasp to continue to grow

Between our conferences and project retreats

*Tom Brennan | **Mobile:* 973-506-9304  *|* *Schedule vMeeting*: Click Here

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 2:59 PM, Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> ### OWASP Summit 2017 Announcement
> *OWASP Summit 2017 - join us!*
> It's now official, the next OWASP Summit will happen in *London/England
> between 12 and 16 of June 2017* (date chosen using a Doodle
> <http://doodle.com/poll/e8d4p955rc8guuru> with 73 participants).
> The event will be hosted at CenterParcs Woburn
> <http://events.centerparcs.co.uk/woburn-forest-overview/index.html>, we
> have already booked the first block of 10 villas and meeting rooms.
> This will be a working Summit  based on the model used at the 2008
> <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2008> and 2011
> <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011> Summits in Portugal,
> basically daily 18 hours of sessions on Application Security.
> To be clear, we decided to rename it to just *OWASP Summit 2017*, and
> give it a focus on the collaboration between: OWASP Projects, Developers,
> Application Security and DevOps.
> *Working Sessions*
> Summits are about its participants and Working sessions, they are a
> meeting of minds passionate about Application Security.
> There are no presentations, and all sessions are about *getting something
> done*.
> The Summit organisation team's objective is to set-up an hyper productive
> and collaboration environment, it is up to the attendees (i.e. you) to
> figure out what is the best use of your time and what to focus on.
> As you can see at the Workshops page
> <https://owasp.github.io/owasp-summit-2017/workshops.html>, there are
> already a number of Working Sessions and Tracks being worked on (OwaspSAMM,
> ZAP, WebGoat, Top 10, Mobile Security, AWS Security, Threat Modeling) but
> we need a lot more.
> This content is managed using GitHub
> <https://github.com/OWASP/owasp-summit-2017/tree/master/Workshops>,
> please help to improve the existing Working Session and create the pages
> with the missing ones.
> Here is how you should  think about the Summit: *"If you could get the
> best minds of XYZ in the same room for a number of hours/days, what should
> they work on?"*  (see more details below on the 'Why OWASP needs Summits'
> section below)
> If you can't make it to the venue of those dates, please also be involved
> in the setup and content of these working sessions, since there will be
> multiple ways to participate remotely and collaborate.
> *Tickets*
> There are two types of tickets for this Summit both covering participation
> in the summit for the full 5 days.
> - *5 days x 24h participant* (venue, lunch, dinner, accommodation):
> £1,200 GBP (about $1,500 USD)
> - *5 days x 8h participant *(venue, lunch) - £400 GBP (about $500 USD)
> As with the previous Summits the accommodation is based on villas (called
> lodges at Woburn); these are a key part of making the event an 'OWASP
> Summit'.
> The layout of the CenterParcs Woburn villas/lodges is actually better than
> the previous summits, and we are expecting a lot of high productive and
> energetic sessions to occur :)
> The tickets will soon be available for purchase, and if your OWASP Chapter
> or Project has funds that it would like to use, please do that as soon as
> possible.
> Ideally your company will be able to support your participation in this
> event. If that is not possible (or if you are an independent contractor)
> then please let the Summit Team know about it, since there will be some
> funds available to help out (especially if you are OWASP Leader with a
> successful track record on an OWASP Project, Chapter or Conference)
> There will also be a number of sponsorship opportunities available for
> Companies and OWASP Chapters/Projects (at the moment we have: DevSecCon,
> the OwaspSAMM project and the OWASP London chapter).
> If you are planning to participate at the Summit, please add your name to
> the Participants list
> <https://owasp.github.io/owasp-summit-2017/participants.html> (even if at
> the moment you don't know how your travel/accommodation/ticket costs will
> be covered).
> *Why OWASP needs Summits*
> We need OWASP Summits because we need as a community and industry, a place
> where we can come together and work on ideas and solutions.
> We need places where we can have independent, non-vendor focused
> discussions on the hard problems that we have.
> OWASP is one of the few organisations in the world that is able to create
> such environments for Application Security.
> The problem we have with conferences is that they are very
> uni-directional. They are people presenting their research, which is great,
> but there is little collaboration with the participants. There is also a
> general concern in our community about the lack of innovation in the
> hundreds of Security conferences that exist every year worldwide. Usually,
> the best exchange of ideas and collaboration happens at the conference's
> lobby. Some participants even go these events not for the talks, but for
> the people they will meet there. The problem is that those conversations
> are very ad hoc, they aren't planned, there is no work done before, there
> is no preparation for those conversations.
> The summit allows you to be prepared for those exchanges. You know that
> you are going to meet a critical mass of people that are interested,
> passionate and knowledgeable about a specific topic, technology or tool
> (relevant to you and your industry).
> More importantly all participants are there to work. Everybody is focused
> on creating important deliverables and solutions for Application Security
> (like we did on previous Summits
> <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011_Outcomes#Appendix:_Working_Session_Details_and_Documentation>
> ).
> What are those deliverables? It depends on the participants, it depends on
> the people, it depends on who is going to go there, and how much effort
> they put into it.
> *All that we can do is to set the stage, it is up to the participants to
> actually create magic and to create something quite amazing.*
> *Please help, by booking your place asap*
> Registrations will open soon. It will really help with the logistics and
> management of the Summit if we have a good idea of the participants, what
> type of ticket they need (with accommodation or not) and if they are able
> to get their current company to cover the participation cost.
> Let us know how we can help, and thanks for the help!
> Dinis, Seba, Francois
> Website: owaspsummit.org
> Slack: https://owasp.slack.com/archives/owasp-summit-2017
> GitHub: https://github.com/OWASP/owasp-summit-2017/
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