[Owasp-leaders] Promoting OWASP

Larry Conklin larry.conklin at owasp.org
Wed Feb 22 14:13:46 UTC 2017

Good morning all.

I gave a presentation yesterday to my office on OWASP. This included
developers, testers and security professionals.

My talk centered around what OWASP has to offer in code, and documentation
projects. ZAP, Testing Guide, Code Review Guide, SAMM, Dependency checker,
ASVS. The end result is my Boss's boss has ask if I am willing to start an
OWASP chapter here in Lexington Park. BAH is will to host and outside/non
BAH people will be welcome.

I believe our first agenda will be meeting for us to learn more about ZAP

Attached is my ppt and notes.

Booz Allen had 25,000 employees, of which half carried top secret security
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