[Owasp-leaders] Any good appsec workshop exercises for non technical audiences?

Antonio Fontes - OWASP antonio.fontes at owasp.org
Mon Dec 11 23:11:45 UTC 2017

Hello fellow Leaders,

I am setting up a half-day internal introduction/workshop to a small group of project managers involved in web projects. 

While I have a good view on what I will show them in terms of content and topics, I'm having some difficulty in finding an exercise they could do after the "slides" part and, which would not require technical skills (they are definitely not versed in terms of appsec/web dev).

Two main questions:
1) have some of you included hands-on/exercises in appsec awareness sessions when there are no technical people in the audience (not technical meaning not showing source code, no asking to perform attacks on websites and no threat modeling)? Should exercises be avoided with high level audiences? Any experiences you would be willing to share? Or would you recommend sticking to "presenter" mode?
(P.S. i have a 30-45 minutes "budget")

2) If you have exercises to recommended (or to avoid) please feel more than welcome to share! 


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