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Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Thu Aug 10 12:00:11 UTC 2017

Dear Leaders,

Please take a moment to share information about AppSec USA with your
Mailing Lists.  We will have a number of upcoming opportunities for
Community members (including volunteer opportunities in exchange for
tickets to the conference).  In the meantime, please inform your mailing
lists that ticket prices for AppSec USA will be going up on August 16th and
that positions in training classes are going quickly.

Hands On Pre-Conference Training

It’s one thing to hear from leading technology professionals and pioneers
at an information and applications securities conference … but nothing
beats hands on, immersive learning and training opportunities led by those
same thought leaders and change makers. Imagine stepping away from your
desk for two full days to explore application security automation alongside
CTO of We45, Abhay Bhargav, or identifying security risks by hacking into
IoT devices during an afternoon with Aditya Gupta, Founder and CEO of
Attify. What if you could collaborate with global industry experts on
open-source defensive security techniques and practice mitigating mobile
app attacks in a real-life test environment?

During the first two days of OWASP’s 14th annual AppSecUSA conference in
Orlando, Florida from September 19 – 22, 2017, you can. Guests will have
the opportunity to participate in two full-day, self-guided training
sessions with other attendees and speakers such as Sebastien Deleersnyder,
Managing Partner and co-founder of Belgian securities company Toreon, and
many more. These pre-conference training days will set the tone for OWASP’s
signature AppSecUSA event, which showcases cutting edge lectures and
keynote sessions featuring securities experts from around the world in a
friendly, interactive environment.

Explore the full training and lecture schedule here:
https://appsecusa2017.sched.com/, or preview the conference’s
announced speakers
The conference is just a month and a half away, with registration tickets
going fast and hotel accommodations filling up even faster. Don’t miss
OWASP’s exclusive opportunity to learn from and rub elbows with the most
senior security developers and experts out there.  No matter what industry
you’re in, or where you live, this exciting, international conference is
the place to be as a security and information leader.


Tiffany Long
Community Manager
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