[Owasp-leaders] Courses using ZAP?

psiinon psiinon at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 14:48:00 UTC 2017


Please let me know if you know of any courses (university or otherwise)
that make use of ZAP.
We're working on a new ZAP homepage and would love to list as many relevant
courses as possible. Commercial course are fine too, we are just going to
list them, not endorce them ;)
We've always intended ZAP to be an ideal tool for students, so it would be
good to hear if thats really the case.

Please reply to just me to avoid spamming the group (unless you want to say
something to everyone of course), and if you know of courses using other
OWASP tools then I'm sure the relevant project leaders would like to hear
about them too.
We all tend to only ever hear about the problems, not the success stories!



OWASP ZAP <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/ZAP> Project leader
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