[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Juice Shop News: Release v2.26 / Participation in upcoming summits

Bjoern Kimminich bjoern.kimminich at owasp.org
Thu Apr 20 09:28:12 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

the OWASP Juice Shop just published its 83rd release: v2.26.0! This is
the second release in a row where the most significant
features/improvements were provided by external contributors and not
by yours-truly. I deeply hope that this trend continues... ;-)

You can find the full release notes down below, so here is just the
TL;DR highlights of v2.26:

1.) Using Juice Shop in CTF events is now more convenient than ever,
while in a non-CTF setup you won't see those strange flag codes any
2.) The Docker image size was reduced from 900 to 300MB by switching
to an Alpine Linux base-image
3.) Adding Burmese to the list, Juice Shop's UI is now fully
translated into 17 languages

If you think about participating in the project, you are lucky: I will
be at the Project Summit right before AppSecEU in Belfast and at the
OWASP Summit in London
(http://owaspsummit.org/Working-Sessions/Juice-Shop.html) hoping to
onboard new contributors and collect good (or even
some crazy) ideas how to make the Juice Shop even better (and
crazier)! If you cannot make it to either event, just shoot me an
email or
Twitter-DM to get in touch! Or just pick an issue from GitHub (for
example one labled "newbie friendly") and start coding!

Bjoern Kimminich
(Project Leader OWASP Juice Shop)


Release Notes v2.26.0

* Improved support for CTF events (#295)
  * flag codes in notifiacations can be turned on/off (off in default
  * added convenient copy-to-clipboard button for flag codes
  * notifications can be re-triggered (useful if the user forgot to
copy a code before dismissing the notification)
* Search result now shows a thumbnail image of each product

* Theme blinking problem fixed (#293)
* Stabilized e2e test for file upload size limit
* Small fixes/improvements of other tests

* Added Burmese translation
* Improved Romanian and Spanish translations

* Docker images now use Alpine Linux base-images for reduced size and
memory footprint (#297)
* Updated all compatible Javascript dependencies
* Pulled out web links and conference appearances into dedicated RESOURCES.md
* Minor documentation improvements

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